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Difference between the FSSAI License and FSSAI Registration

Difference between the FSSAI License and FSSAI Registration

Difference between the FSSAI License and FSSAI Registration

Every operator in the food industry is required to obtain an FSSAI registration or  FSSAI license from FSSAI. The registration and licensing processes for food businesses in India are overseen by the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulation of 2011. According to this regulation, all food business operators engaging in manufacturing, storing, transporting, or distributing food products within India must possess either an FSSAI registration or license. The specific requirement between an FSSAI registration and license depends on the business’s size and operational nature. In this article, we will look at the difference between the FSSAI License and FSSAI Registration.

Advantages of Acquiring an FSSAI Food License/FSSAI Registration

Securing an FSSAI license can bestow a range of benefits upon a food business, including:

  • Legal Assurance: Obtaining an FSSAI license ensures compliance with legal regulations, shielding the business from potential legal complications.
  • Enhanced Food Safety: The license underscores a commitment to food safety, instilling confidence in customers regarding the quality and safety of the products.
  • Positive Reputation: A FSSAI license builds a favorable reputation, signaling the business’s dedication to high standards.
  • Consumer Confidence: The license fosters consumer awareness and trust, assuring them of the authenticity and safety of the food products.
  • Regulatory Support: An FSSAI license aids in the effective management of various aspects such as manufacturing, storage, distribution, and sale of imported food items, aligning the business with regulatory standards.
  • Investor Attraction: Possessing an FSSAI license can make it easier for entrepreneurs to attract investment funds, as it showcases a commitment to compliance and quality.
  • Quality Assurance: The presence of FSSAI logos on food products serves as a mark of quality assurance, reinforcing the credibility of the products among consumers.
  • Hygiene and Quality: The registration number prominently displayed at the food premises signifies adherence to hygiene and quality norms, fostering consumer confidence.

Procuring an FSSAI license is a testament to a food business’s dedication to excellence, legality, and consumer well-being, bringing many advantages.

Eligibility for FSSAI Registration and License

To qualify for FSSAI registration or license, eligibility is assessed by collectively considering factors such as turnover, production capacity, business type, and operational area.

Even if a Food Business Operator (FBO) falls within the turnover-based registration category, their business nature may necessitate obtaining a license. In such cases, the FBO is required to apply for either a State or Central License.

FSSAI Registration Criteria for Petty Food Businesses

FSSAI Registration is obligatory for small-scale food manufacturers or Food Business Operators (FBOs) with a turnover of less than Rs.12 Lakhs unless the FBO falls under compulsory licensing.

Petty FBOs engaged in the production or sale of food items, such as hawkers, petty retailers, itinerant vendors, temporary stall-holders, or small-scale food industry enterprises, must obtain an FSSAI registration certificate if they fulfill the following conditions:

  • Annual turnover is less than Rs. 12 lakh.
  • The production capacity of food products (excluding milk, milk, meat, and meat) is up to 100 liters or kg per day.
  • The procurement, handling, and collection of milk is limited to 500 liters daily.
  • Slaughtering capacity is ten small animals,  two large animals, or 50 poultry birds per day or less.
  • Engages in food distribution at religious or social gatherings, except as a caterer.

For a clearer understanding, refer to the table below:

Sl. No Business Activity Capacity
1 Food production (excluding milk and meat) Up to 100 kg/ltr per day
2 Procurement, handling, and collection of milk Up to 500 ltr per day
3 Slaughtering capacity Two large animals or 50 poultry birds or ten small animals per day or less

The State Licensing Authority issues the FSSAI registration number comprising 14 digits. Notably, the first digit of the registration number begins with the digit 2.

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FSSAI License for Food Businesses

FSSAI License is an imperative requirement for enterprises with a turnover exceeding Rs. 12 lahks and for Food Business Operators (FBOs) involved in food processing and manufacturing. This license is categorized into two distinct types: Central and State. The FSSAI license is denoted by a 14-digit code, with the initial digit 1. The type of license—State or central—depends on the business scale.

State License

  • Medium-scale processors, manufacturers, traders, marketers, or transporters fall under the purview of the FSSAI state license, which the respective state government grants.
  • FBOs with an annual turnover surpassing Rs. 12 lahks but not exceeding Rs. 20 crores are classified as medium-sized FBOs required to secure a state license.
  • When the annual turnover of an FBO exceeds Rs. 20 crores, acquiring a central license becomes obligatory.

Central License

Large-scale enterprises engaged in food processing, transportation, manufacturing, and international trade of food products are mandated to obtain the FSSAI central license. An FBO is categorized as a large business if its annual turnover surpasses Rs. 20 crores, necessitating acquiring the FSSAI central license from the Central Government.

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The FSSAI License / Registration is granted for 1 to 5 years, as per the preference of the Food Business Operator, starting from the date of issuance. The renewal of the license or registration should be initiated by the Food Business Operator (FBO) at least 30 days before the current authorization expires.

Difference between the FSSAI License and FSSAI Registration

Particulars FSSAI Registration FSSAI License
Turnover Limit Applicable to businesses with an annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 12 lahks. Applicable to businesses with an annual turnover of over Rs. 12 lahks.
Types Basic Registration. FSSAI Central License and FSSAI State License.
Size of Business Pertains to petty food business operators. Pertains to medium and large-sized food business operators and food businesses.
Duration Duration varies based on registration applicability. Issued for a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years.
Application Filed using Form A. Filed using Form B.
Fees for Registration/License Fixed at Rs. 100 per year. Varies between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 7,500 per year, depending on license type and criteria.
Publication FSSAI registration should be displayed on the office premises, and the registered number should be displayed on the product packaging. FSSAI license number must be mandatorily published on the product packaging by exporters, importers, traders, and producers.

Fee Structure for Obtaining FSSAI License/Registration

Food Business Operators (FBOs) are required to remit the following fees for procuring FSSAI License/Registration:

  • Manufacturing License: Ranges from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 7500 annually.
  • Registration Certificate: Rs. 100 per year.
  • Modification of License and FSSAI Certificate: Rs. 1000 for the license and Rs. 100 for the registration.
  • Renewal of License and Certificate: Equivalent to the new license/registration fee.

These fees facilitate the acquisition and maintenance of FSSAI License/Registration, supporting food businesses in adhering to regulatory standards.

Documents Required

Please click here for the required documents for the FSSAI registration/license.

Procedure for Applying for FSSAI License and Registration via FoSCoS Portal

The step-by-step process to obtain FSSAI License and Registration through the Food Safety and Compliance System (FoSCoS) portal is elaborated below:

User Registration:

  • Access the official webpage of the FoSCoS.
  • Click the “Signup” option at the homepage’s top right corner.
  • Upon clicking “Signup,” you will be directed to the signup page. Provide all necessary details, including Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Login ID, and Password.
  • Click the “Signup” button to proceed.
  • A verification code will be dispatched to your registered email address and mobile number. Enter this verification code in the designated field.
  • Click the “Submit” option to verify the provided details.

Once the signup process is completed, you can enter the FoSCoS portal using the assigned username and password.

Procedure for New Application (Registration/License)

Steps to submit a new application for FSSAI Registration/License:

  • After logging into the portal, the dashboard will be displayed. Click on the “License or Registration” option in the left menu, then select “Apply for New License/Registration.”
  • Choose your State and read the provided note before proceeding.
  • Review the Group Heads of Kind of Business. Select “Restaurant” from the food services Business Group Head.
  • Select the appropriate Button based on your food business turnover. Proceed to fill out the application.
  • Complete all mandatory fields in the application Form B as indicated.
  • Carefully provide communication details, ensuring accuracy. All official communication will be sent to the provided contact details, such as Mobile Number or Email ID.
  • Upload the relevant set of documents as required.
  • Make the necessary fee payment using available payment modes and click on “Apply.”
  • Upon successful fee payment, a receipt will be generated. This receipt will include a 17-digit reference number, which can be used for future reference and inquiries.

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