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TNREGINET – Online Land Records Check for Tamil Nadu


TNREGINET – Online Land Records in Tamilnadu

TNREGINET is the Tamilnadu Government online registration portal. TNREGINET portal eliminates the need for Sub-Registrar office visits for citizens by providing easy access to Government records online. In this article, we look at TNREGINET portal in detail along with the process for obtaining registration on TNREGINET.

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Services Provided on TNREGINET

TNREGINENT Services are given here:

User Registration in TNREGINET

This section explains how to register in TNREGINET. The User Registration, which is created by the citizen, is used not only for creating deeds but also for registering marriages, chits, society and firms in Document Creation or Abstract for Draft Deed.

Step 1: Visit the home page of TNREGINENT.

Step 2: Select the user registration option from the registration tab to proceed further for registering a user.

Citizen Registration Detail

Step 1: Select Citizen Option from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Type the user name of own choice in the User Name text box

Note: The name can be a combination of Alpha Numeric and Symbols.


Step 3: The applicant needs to enter the password with respective password rules as displayed on the right side of the screen in the highlighted box.

Note: If the entered password is accepted then it will be highlighted in green colour if it is
not accepted re-enter the password in the text box “confirm password”.

Step 4: Choose a security question from the drop-down list and provide the answer to the selected question.

Step 5: User needs to enter the personal details in the respective fields such as

  • In the salutation, drop-down box choose the appropriate option
  • Type the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name in the respective fields
  • Select Gender from the drop-down box
  • Select the identification document for verifying the personal detail
  • Enter the Email address and confirm the email address by retyping the same
  • Select the appropriate date of birth from the drop-down box
  • Provide the mobile and fixed-line phone numbers
  • Type the Identification No as given in the selected identification document 
  • Provide the address as given in the chosen identification document.

Document Writer Registration Details

In case the person is registering as a document writer, additional details about his or her Business Address, Document Writer Registration details along with license type and the number will be captured.

Step 6: Select user type as Document Writer and fill in the other fields as explained above.

Step 7: Additional information about the business address of the Document Writer is entered.


Step 8: The Document Writer has to provide his or her registration details with the department i.e. registration district registered with and the Sub Registrar Office attached to.

Step 9: The applicant needs to provide the license type and license no.

Enter the correct code in the text box (Captcha code)as in the picture. Click on Receive OTP. Enter the OTP received in the registered mobile number.

Click on complete registration.

User Registration created successfully. Now using the “Sign in” option, the citizen can use the portal.

Check Status of Property or Land Registration Online (EC status)

Step 1: Select EC search from the Home page. The page will direct to next page.

Step 2: Select Zone, District, Sub Registrar office, Village, Dates.


Step 3: Enter survey number and subdivision number.

Step 4: Enter the image code and click on the search to view the status of the property online.

Guideline Search

Step 1: Visit the TN REGINET Guideline and Property valuation page.

Step 2: From the table, select the appropriate date.


Step 3: Enter street and village name. Click on Search.


Step 4: The applicant can see the address and Email of the SRO office for the area.

Step 5: Visit the address given to get the property valuation or guideline value.

Benefits of TNREGINET

  • The simplified, fast and transparent registration process
  • Information and Communication Technology-enabled service delivery with SMS based application status review
  • Minimal Turn-Around-Time to get the registration completed
  • Registration and return of registered document in a single visit

Features of TNREGINET

  • Online booking of appointment at Sub Registrar offices
  • Biometric and web-camera based registration process and fool-proof service delivery
  • Work-Flow based operations with comprehensive audit trail
  • Hardware infrastructure procurement and maintenance
  • Dynamic Real-Time market valuation
  • Appeals Process Management
  • Financial MIS and Reporting
  • Personnel profile maintenance system
  • Provision for Aadhaar number (UIDAI) based services
  • Compatibility provisions for integration of Land Records application