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LEDGERS accounting software is designed to help businesses easily maintain their accounts, GST compliance, TDS compliance, payroll and income tax filing. Accounting using LEDGERS software is simple and intuitive - no prior accounting knowledge or experience is required. LEDGERS is available as a webapp and on Google Playstore. LEDGERS accounting software is integrated with the GSTN, TRACES Portal, Banks and various other platforms in India to help businesses maintain error-free compliances and avoid penalties.

LEDGERS is built on the AWS Platform and conforms to the best practices for data privacy, security and backup. With LEDGERS accounting software being a paid product, the user/customer has complete confidentiality, privacy and control over the data inside their LEDGERS.

GST Invoicing & Billing

LEDGERS accounting software can help you quickly generate GST invoices or bills without GST from your mobile phone or computer. With inbuilt catalog and contacts, this LEDGERS software can create error-free invoices in seconds with the correct GST rate and GST computation. The platform supports billing in multiple-currencies from multiple-branches and multiple-users simultaneously.

Invoices and bills created on LEDGERS can be quickly shared with customers through SMS, Whatsapp, email and other modes.

Receipts & Payment Gateway Integration

Issue receipts to your customers and reconcile multiple payments against invoices. LEDGERS accounting software can also be quickly integrated with any type of payment gateway to automate invoicing and receipt generation. LEDGERS works with CCAvenue, RazorPay, EBS and ICICI Bank payment gateways. Need a payment gateway with very low TDR rates and next day settlement of funds? We can help you easily obtain a payment gateway.

Accounts Statement

Generate and share accounts statements with your clients instantly. View customer-wise accounts receivables, overdue invoices and send payment reminders with payment links.

Create supplier accounts statements with details of all purchases, payments made and payables. Easily track input tax credit receivable from vendors and send reminders for input tax credit not received.

Purchase & Payments

Easily record purchase invoices, payments and business expenses. Track payables and payments made against a purchase invoice in parts. Easily view upcoming payment dues, overdue payments and generate supplier accounts statements.

Upload and store copies of your purchase invoices and bills on the cloud with facility to quickly search and find documents.

GST Return Filing & ITC Reconciliation

File error-free GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 invoices directly from LEDGERS through API integration. GST returns are auto-prepared based on invoice, payments and credit note data. To file GST returns using LEDGERS, no prior accounting knowledge or experience is required.

Match purchases against input tax credit received on the GST portal. Find suppliers not providing input tax credit and followup to avoid ITC leakage. Save money and time by quickly reconciling your purchases against ITC received.

What can LEDGERS do?

Here's how LEDGERS software can help you better operate your business.


Create, track and send professional GST invoice, quotes or bill of supply through Whatsapp, SMS and email. Automated GST rate and GST applicability calculator to ensure error-free invoices.


On-board vendors, create and send purchase orders. Track vendor payments, purchase invoices and reconcile input tax credit directly from LEDGERS with GSTN API connect.

Connected Banking

Send NEFT, RTGS and IMPS payments directly from LEDGERS using your ICICI Bank Current Account. Sync bank statement and reconcile bank transactions seamlessly.

Bank Reconciliation

Check account balance and sync bank statement of 100+ Indian Banks on LEDGERS. LEDGERS supports fetching bank statement from SBI, HDFC, Axis Bank, Indian Bank and more.

Input Tax Credit

Automatically reconcile input tax credit receivable and send reminder emails to vendors for ITC not received or ITC mismatch. Reconcile thousands of purchases in minutes using automation.

GST eWay Bill

Directly generate GST eWay bill from LEDGERS and track status. Generate eWay bill in seconds from existing invoices, bill of supply, purchase invoices or delivery challans.

Customer Management

On-board customers, track payments and receivables from customers and easily send reminders for payment. Create estimates and automatically schedule reminders.

Vendor Management

On-board vendors, track payments and payables to vendors and easily send reminders for input tax credit. Create purchase orders and convert to purchases invoices in a single-click.

LEDGERS: The One-Line Solution to Your GST Software Needs

As mentioned above, LEDGERS GST Software emerges as a cutting-edge solution designed to simplify and streamline the intricacies of GST compliance for businesses of all sizes. LEDGERS GST Software stands out for its:

  • Real-Time GSTN Integration: Ensures accurate and timely GST return filings through seamless data exchange with the GST Network.
  • Automated ITC Reconciliation: Simplifies the reconciliation of Input Tax Credit with purchases, optimizing tax credits and compliance.
  • Multi-Currency and Multi-Branch Invoicing: Supports diverse business operations with capabilities for handling transactions across various locations and currencies.
  • Customizable Financial Reports: Provides detailed insights into financial health, aiding in strategic decision-making.
  • Integrated Payment Gateways: Facilitates smooth financial transactions with built-in integrations for leading payment solutions.
  • Advanced Invoicing Features: This feature caters to a range of invoicing needs, including reverse charges, exports, and e-invoicing compliance.
  • Cloud-Based Accessibility: Offers the flexibility to manage finances and GST obligations from any location, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, making GST compliance accessible for users with varying levels of accounting expertise.
  • Compliance Notifications: Keeps businesses informed about due dates and regulatory changes, ensuring ongoing compliance with GST laws.

Streamline your GST management and financial workflows with LEDGERS, the ultimate GST software solution for businesses like yours. Experience the ease of seamless GST filings, automated ITC reconciliation, and much more. Don't let GST compliance slow you down. Join many satisfied users who have transformed their accounting processes with LEDGERS.

Ready to Simplify Your GST Compliance? Try LEDGERS Today!


What is GST Number Search?

GST Number Search verifies the authenticity of a business or individuals Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN).

Why is GST Number Search important?

GST Number Search is important to ensure businesses legitimacy and comply with GST laws.

Is IndiaFilings GST Number Search service free?

Yes, IndiaFilings offers all users a free GST search and verification facility through LEDGERS.

Can I use IndiaFilings GST API services for verification?

Yes, IndiaFilings provides GST service and verification facilities through APIs. You can contact an IndiaFilings Business Advisor for more information on using GST API services.

What is LEDGERS GST Search & Verification?

LEDGERS GST Search & Verification is a tool provided by IndiaFilings to confirm the authenticity of GSTINs, allowing users to access crucial information about registered taxpayers.

What information can I access using LEDGERS GST Search & Verification?

You can access official names, GSTIN statuses, and other relevant details to ensure compliance with GST regulations.

Who should register for GST in India?

Businesses involved in the supply of goods with an annual turnover exceeding INR 40 lakh (or INR 10 lakh in specific regions) and service providers with an annual turnover exceeding INR 20 lakh (or INR 10 lakh in special category states) must register for GST.

What is GSTIN?

GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) is a unique 15-digit identification code issued to businesses registered under GST.
  • The first two digits of the GSTIN represent state codes based on the 2011 Indian Census data.
  • Digits 3 to 12 in the GSTIN represent the entitys PAN (Permanent Account Number).
  • The 13th digit of the GSTIN is alphanumeric and represents the number of registrations a legal entity (with the same PAN) has within a single state.
  • The last two digits serve as a check digit for error detection, with the first digit left blank for future use.

Why is GST Number Verification essential?

GST Number Verification is crucial to confirm the authenticity of GSTINs, prevent errors in invoicing, claim input tax credits accurately, and ensure compliance.

How can I use the LEDGERS GST Search & Verification Facility?

To use LEDGERS GST Search & Verification, sign up for LEDGERS, login, enter the GSTIN you want to verify, and use the "Verify GSTIN Status" option under the GST Menu to retrieve information.

What is the significance of the State Code in the GST registration number?

The State Code in the GST registration number helps identify the geographic location of the GST-registered entity, with each state and union territory assigned a unique code.

How is the entity code assigned in the GSTIN?

The entity code (13th digit) is assigned based on the number of registrations a legal entity has within one state.

How many business verticals can a legal entity register within a state?

A legal entity can register up to 35 business verticals within a single state, each assigned a unique 13th digit.

What is the role of the last two digits in the GSTIN?

The last two digits include a check digit for error detection, with the first digit reserved for future use.

What benefits does GST Number Search offer businesses?

GST Number Search helps businesses verify the legitimacy of GSTINs, ensure accurate invoicing, claim input tax credits, and maintain compliance with GST regulations.

How can I contact IndiaFilings for GST-related assistance?

To get expert assistance for your GST needs, including GSTIN verification and various GST services, you can contact IndiaFilings. They are ready to assist you every step of the way.

Zero Late Fee Platform

Many small businesses pay lakhs in penalty every year to the Government for late filing various statutory returns. Such penalty or late fee paid is not tax deductible and is a drain on profitability. At IndiaFilings, our mission is to provide the most affordable services to our customers and help them avoid all late fee.To achieve our mission - we have built enterprise grade technology to help you proactively know the upcoming compliance and avoid penalty.Checkout our compliance services below, talk to an Advisor and stop paying unwanted late fees.

Zero Late Fee Platform

Related Business Registrations

In addition to registration or incorporation, a business may require other registrations depending on the business activity undertaken. Talk to an Advisor to find out registrations your business may require post registration.

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