Making Entrepreneurship Affordable!

We are on a mission to make Entrepreneurship easier and affordable to millions. IndiaFilings provides a simple and intuitive platform for setting up a business and managing compliance. We started our journey in 2014 and bootstrapped the business till 2022, serving over 1 lakh businesses. In 2022, we raised funding from institutional investors to further our mission.

We provide a curated set of quality services at an affordable price. was launched in 2014 with the simple mission of helping Entrepreneurs easily start and manage their business. From a small 2 member team in 2014 - while remaining bootstrapped and profitable, we grew to a 600+ strong team of employees. Today, we have the privilege of serving > 100,000 loyal, small business customers and over 1.6 million platform users. In 2021-22, we raised funding from institutional investors to further our mission globally and serve more customers. The journey continues….

Customer First Philosophy

We are committed to building a fair, transparent, sustainable and performance driven company for the long-term. We believe the destiny of all businesses is decided purely by its customers.

We believe when customers find value in the products and services offered by a business, a business would thrive. When customers do not find value in a business, a business would shut down. It is that simple. So, we place enormous importance on building value for our customers.

Premium Quality

We believe in building high-quality service pipelines. We continuously invest resources to deliver simple, fast and error-free services.

Affordable Prices

We believe in building services that are affordable. We believe in delivering value and going the extra mile to keep customers happy

Simple & Reliable

We believe in being simple & reliable to our customers. We offer standard, easily understandable prices and have no hidden fees.

Fair & Respectful

We believe in being fair and respectful to all customers. We are open to feedback and always work to improve our services.


We believe in respecting and protecting customers confidentiality and privacy. No information about our customers are shared with any third parties without consent.

Trusted Relationship

We believe in creating a trusted, long-term relationship with all our clients that is value-driven. Hence, we continuously look for ways to deliver value to our customers or charge them lower fees.

What is Customer First?
  • Selling the right products
  • Selling at the right price
  • Delivering as promised
  • Continuously improving
Customer First

Our Investors

We are backed by visionary, world-class institutions and investors.

The times of india

Diverse 🌈 United 🤝 Equal

We are a team of diverse, young, hardworking professionals - who are united by equality. Our team comprises of experienced professionals with advanced accounting, legal, hospitality, engineering, science, architectural, and economics degrees. We have members from every state in India who are fluent in almost all Indian languages. We believe that designations do not differentiate any of us and everyone in the team plays a crucial role in achieving the shared dreams and ambitions.

Home-Grown Technology

We are passionate about building technology that solves large problems. We have a rich history of developing various technologies and platforms that are used by millions of users. We continue to invest heavily into our digital capabilities and infrastructure to help us achieve our mission of delivering quality services at scale at an affordable price-point.

Our Founder

IndiaFilings is owned and operated by EQL Financial Technologies. IndiaFilings is founded and headed by Lionel Charles, MBA, CPA. Lionel has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Computer Science. After completing his Bachelors, Lionel obtained his MBA in Airline Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA. Lionel also has a FAA Commercial Pilots License and is Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

After completing his Bachelors and Masters in the USA in 2010, Lionel returned to India to worked with medium size businesses in helping them obtain bank credit facilities. In 2013, Lionel setup a D2C Neutraceutical Brand called MuscleUP Nutrition. However, Lionel was unable to obtain the necessary licenses to commence operations. In 2014, Lionel started to make it easy for Entrepreneurs to start and manage their business in India. From 2014 - 2021, Lionel Charles scaled the business profitably with no funding to 600 employees across 7 offices and over 1 lakh paid customers.

Having bootstrapped a business for 7 years in India, Lionel emphatically understands the risk and pains faced by millions of small businesses in starting and scaling up their business. Lionel is passionate about building large platforms and minimizing financial risks for Entrepreneurs.

Home-Grown Technology Lionel Charles

Our offices in India

The growing team of over 600 employees at IndiaFilings speak over 30 different languages and are spread across 7 large offices in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Our offices are operational from 9AM to 7PM.


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