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EPF Passbook

EPF passbook is a document containing all the contributions that are made by an employee and the employer in EPF and EPS accounts. All contributions made each month are mentioned in the EPF passbook. The passbook contains any interest that has been deposited in the beneficiary’s account. If an individual has two EPF accounts, there would be separate passbooks for every account that can be accessed using the specific member ID after logging in to the account.

Applicability of EPF Passbook

The EPF member passbook is not applicable to everyone. Only the following people can avail the passbook facility.

  • Exempted Establishments Members
  • Settled Members
  • Inoperative Members

Registering on the EPFO Portal

The subscriber needs to register on the EPFO member portal by activating the UAN. An individual can click here to access the EPFO Portal. The UAN allocated to the member, PAN, Aadhar or member ID should be available to activate the UAN and to get online access to the portal.


Once all the details are entered and submitted, an authentication pin is sent to the registered mobile to complete the registration process. The user can now access the portal and can log in to the member services.

Accessing EPF Passbook

An individual cannot access an EPF passbook without using UAN. Therefore it is mandatory to log in the EPF account to download the PF passbook online as well as through the Umang app.

Contents of the Passbook

Given below are the details that are present in an EPF passbook.

  • The ID of the establishment and the name of the company (Employer).
  • The ID of the member and the member’s name (Employee).
  • Name of the EPFO office and its type.
  • Employer’s and Employee’s share made in the contribution.
  • Monthly depository and withdrawal contribution of the employee and the employer.
  • Monthly contribution towards pension account of the employee.
  • The date and time of printing of the passbook are also mentioned at the end of the statement.

Downloading EPF Passbook

Members of EPFO can easily download and print their EPF passbook online. This can be done tough the EPF website. Here are the steps to download an e-passbook from the EPF portal.

Step 1: Login to the Portal

The user has to login to the official EPFO website.

Step 1- EPF Passbook
Step 1- EPF Passbook

Step 2: Enter UAN and Password

The user has to enter the UAN and password that is generated at the EPF member portal.

Step 3: Click Login

After entering the password, the user has to click on the Login button.

Step 4: Member ID to View Passbook

Member IDs of every EPF account is displayed on the screen. The user has to click on the EPF member ID under ‘Select Member ID to View Passbook’.

Step 4- EPF Passbook
Step 4- EPF Passbook

Step 5: Download the Passbook

The passbook opens in the new tab in pdf format. The user can download this passbook and can print it directly.

Step 5- EPF Passbook
Step 5- EPF Passbook

Sample Format of an EPF Passbook

We have attached a sample format of an EPF passbook for your reference.

Sample format of an EPF passbook

Updating EPF Passbook

EPF passbook can be updated by EPSO as soon as the contribution is made in the employee’s account. Although the date is not mentioned in the passbook, it contains the month and year in which the contribution is made. If an individual’s passbook is not updated, it is advisable that the individual waits for a few days and then log in to the portal again to get the updated version of the passbook.

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EPF Passbook FAQ

How can I check the EPF Passbook online?
To access the EPF passbook without using UAN. Therefore it is mandatory to log in to the EPF account to download the PF passbook online as well as through the Umang app.
Is it possible to view the EPF passbook online without UAN?
How to download EPF Passbook?
How to update the EPF Passbook?
What is the applicability of the EPF passbook?

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