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Patta and Chitta are land revenue records maintained by the Tamil Nadu Government. Patta and Chitta documents play an important role in all property related transactions in Tamil Nadu like property transfer, property pledge, property legal opinion etc., IndiaFilings can help you obtain patta chitta records from the concerned Taluka Office.

Patta Chitta

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Patta Chitta - Property Services

Government land records play an important role in all property related transactions. The Government maintains various land records like patta, chitta, adangal, FMB sketch, encumbrance certificate and copy documents. These records held by the Government are verified by buyers and lenders while buying or lending money with property as collateral. IndiaFilings provides an easy and online service for obtaining patta and chitta documents online from the concerned Government office. Documents obtained by IndiaFilings will be in hard copy format and verified by the concerned official which can be used for loan processing or property sale. Get in touch with an IndiaFilings Property Advisor to know more about the procedure for obtaining patta and chitta documents in Tamil Nadu.


Patta is a government record of containing the details of land ownership, area of land, location with survey details. While purchasing a property, verifying the patta documents will ensure that the property is being purchased from the rightful owner as per Government record. The Government of Tamil Nadu has computerised records of patta chitta and made the same available online. However, to apply and obtain a hard copy patta, the concerned Taluka office must be approached.


Chitta is a government document pertaining to immovable property that is maintained by the concerned Village Administrative Officer (VAO) and Taluka office. In the chitta, the classification of the land between nanjai and punjai is provided along with the details of the owner of the property. Land classification would play an important role to determine the restrictions placed on the end use of land.

Other Important Property Documents


Adangal is an important land related legal document that is updated yearly by the Government containing details like ownership, survey number, extend of land and current use. The Adangal extract or Village Account No.2 will indicate the cultivation made by the respective persons. Adangal extract is prepared survey number wise by the Village Administrative Officer at the interval of six months. Therefore, the Village Administrative Officer has to certify on the basis of the Adangal extract that was maintained by him in the regular course of official functioning.



A register is a record of the land held with the Village Adminstrative Officer. It has details of property such as it’s classification, tax assessment, owner’s name, etc. While purchasing property its important to verify the A-Register records to ensure that the owner’s name on A-Register matches the sale deed.

FMB Sketch

FMB (Field measurement Book) will have the field measurement sketches of all individual lands. Based on these measurements, the survey numbers are demarcated and disputes settled maps are drawn and areas calculated mathematically only on the measurements recorded in this book. Hence, FMB sketch can help ascertain the layout of the land with respect to adjoining land.

Encumbrance Certificate

An Encumbrance Certificate or EC is a certificate of assurance that the property in question is free from any legal or monetary liability such as a mortgage or an uncleared loan. Encumbrance certificate helps to establish that the owner has complete legal title over the property. The EC for a property is provided at the sub-registrar’s office in which the property has been registered.

Certified Copy Document

Certified copies of documents can be obtained for any property to ensure that the document registered with the Government is same as the document provided by the seller or mortgagor. Certified copy of document can be obtained from the concerned Sub-Registrar office.



all inclusive fees

Obtain copy of patta and chitta from the concerned Taluka Office.

From Rs.4899 /- all inclusive fees
EMI: Rs.437 for 12 months*


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all inclusive fees

Obtain copy of patta, chitta, adangal and a-register from the concerned Taluka Office.

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