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Understanding Trademark Registration Status

Trademark Registration Status Meanings

Understanding Trademark Registration Status

The advent of online trademark registration in India has improved the efficiency and transparency of the trademark filing in India. Trademark applications can now be tracked online and various actions could be taken by a Trademark Expert or the application based on the trademarks applications current status. To know the current status of your trademark filing, go to Trademark Public Search. Once, the trademark applied and class of application is entered, the system returns the status of the trademark registration. In this article, we decipher the meaning of the trademark status and the actions that must be taken by the Entrepreneur to ensure smooth trademark registration.

Status: New Application

The trademark application has been entered into the trademark application database.

Status: Send to Vienna Codification

The trademark is being assigned codes as per the Vienna Codification. This step is applicable for non-text trademark application that contain logo or artwork.

Status: Formalities Chk Pass

The trademark has passed all the basic filing requirements for trademark registration and is ready to be processed.

Status: Marked for exam

The trademark application has been taken up by a trademark examiner to check for acceptability.

Status: Objected

The trademark application has been issued an adverse examination report by the trademark examiner. The trademark applicant has the option to address the objection raised.

Status: Exam Report Issued

The trademark application will probably published in the Trademark Journal. This status could also mean that the trademark application requires slight modifications to be published in the trademark journal.

Status: Refused

The trademark registration has been refused based on the applicants response for the adverse report or objection.

Status: Adv. before accepted

The trademark is ready to be published, pending some amendments from the applicant.

Status: Opposed

The trademark application has been opposed by a third-party. The trademark applicant must resolve the opposition’s concerns through the trademark registrar.

Status: Abandoned

The trademark applicant has not responded to the trademark registrar within the prescribed time.

Status: Withdrawn

The trademark application has been withdrawn by the applicant prior to trademark registration.

Status: Removed

The trademark has been removed from the trademark registry. The mark is no longer trademarked.

Status: Registered

The trademark application has been accepted and the trademark is registered.

Trademark registration process can take anywhere between 12-24 months and it is important for the Entrepreneur to keep tabs on the trademark application throughout the application process to respond to any of the concerns of the trademark registrar in a timely fashion.

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