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API Enabled

LEDGERS eWay Bill software is integrated with the Government eWay Bill portal through APIs. No data import or export is required to generate eWay bill using LEDGERS.

GST EWay Bill

GST eWay Bill is a document for tracking of goods in transit introduced under the Goods and Services Tax. Under GST, a taxable person registered under GST transporting goods with a value of over Rs.50,000 is required to possess an eWay Bill generated from the GST Portal. LEDGERS can make eWay Bill generation and management simple for your business. The LEDGERS eWay Bill tool is synced to GST invoices, bill of supply, purchase invoices and customer or supplier accounts. So you can now seamlessly at the click of a button generate eWay Bill and share with your customers or suppliers.

eWay Bill Requirement

GST eWay bill is required for the following cases wherein a person having GST registration is causing movement of goods:

  • If a taxable person under GST supplies any goods and the value of the consignment is over Rs.50,000, a GST EWay Bill would have to be generated.
  • If a taxable person under GST transfers goods located in one godown to another and the value of the consignment is over Rs.50,000, a GST EWay Bill need to be generated.
  • If a taxable person under GST purchases any goods from an unregistered person under GST and the value of the consignment is over Rs.50,000 a GST EWay Bill should be generated.

Generating eWay Bill

GST EWay Bill can be generated LEDGERS users directly. Prior to using LEDGERS for eWay Bill generation, ensure that API access is enabled on the GST Portal for eWay bill generation and management.

Once API access is enabled and GST eWay Bill module is activated, you can generate eWay Bill by accessing GST -> Create eWay Bill. Data of customers or suppliers and existing invoices or bill of supply can be quickly retrieved while creating a GST eWay Bill using LEDGERS, making the process extremely simple and easy to use.

Once, an eWay Bill is generated, theperson in-charge of conveyance of goods is required to carry the following documents for inspection by authorities at any time:

  • Invoice or bill of supply or delivery challan and invoice reference number from the GST common portal, obtained by uploading a copy of the GST tax invoice issued in FORM GST INV-1.
  • Copy of the e-way bill or the e-way bill number, either physically or mapped to a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) embedded on to the vehicle.

If a taxable person is registered under GST wants to transport goods using own vehicle or hired vehicle as a supplier or to be received in the course of business as a recipient, the taxable person can generate a EWay Bill in Form GST INS-1 electronically on the GST Common Portal by providing information requested in Part B of FORM GST INS-01.

If a transporter is involved in the transfer of Goods, then the taxable person registered under GST must furnish information about the consignment in Part B of FORM GST INS-01 on the GST Common Portal. Using this information, the transporter would then generate a EWay Bill on the basis of the information provided by the taxable person in Part A of FORM GST INS-01. Transporters are allowed to generate and carry E-Way bill even if the value of the consignment is less than Rs.50,000.

Generate eWay Bill using ledgers

Validity of eWay Bill

The major amendment made effective vide notification no. 12/2018-Central Tax dated 7th March, 2018 is change in validity period of E-way bill. The new validity period provisions of E-way bill are tabulated hereunder:

Distance Travelled E-way Bill Validity
Upto 100 Kms 1 day in cases other than over dimensional cargo
For every 100 Kms or part thereof 1 additional day in cases other than over dimensional cargo
Upto 20 Kms 1 day in cases of over dimensional cargo
For every 20 Kms or part thereof 1 additional day in cases of over dimensional cargo

"Relevant date" shall mean the date on which the e-way bill has been generated and the period of validity would be counted from the time at which the e-way bill has been generated and each day would be counted as the period expiring at midnight of the day immediately following the date of generation of e-way bill.

"Over Dimensional Cargo" means a cargo carried as a single indivisible unit and which exceeds the dimensional limits prescribed in rule 93 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, made under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (59 of 1988).

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LEDGERS Accounting Software

LEDGERS is the next-generation of GST platform, built on the AWS cloud with deep integrations to various other services. The platform is designed to be simple and intuitive. You can now maintain accounts for your business with no accounting knowledge or experience.

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Professional Tax Invoice

Professional Tax Invoice in Minutes

Quickly create, send and track GST compliant tax invoice in minutes with in-built GST rate calculator and GSTIN validity tool.

  • Send Whatsapp Invoices
  • Send SMS or Email Invoices
  • Track Invoice Opens
  • Track or Split Payments by Invoice
Track Payables

Track Payables and Claim Input Tax Credit

Manage vendors, split payments, track payables and maintain purchase register that syncs with GSTN to ensure accurate input tax credit claim.

  • Vendor Onboarding & Management
  • Track Payments & Payables by Vendor
  • Initiate Payments through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS
  • Automated Input Tax Credit Tracking
Automate Accounting

Automate Accounting & Integrate Banking

Automate accounting processes, integrate banking and supercharge your accounting department with next-generation accounting/banking tools.

  • Integrated Banking & Payments
  • Automate Receivables Management
  • Automate Input Tax Credit Tracking
  • Automate GST Return Preparation
One-click GST Return Preparation

One-click GST Return Preparation

Prepare your monthly or quarterly GST returns with one-click and upload the data to GSTN Portal. Seamless integration with GSTN Portal through APIs.

  • GSTR-3B Return Filing
  • GSTR-1 Return Filing
  • GSTR-9 Return Filing
  • GSTR-2A Fetch from GSTN
Improve Internal Controls

Improve Internal Controls & Get Deep Insights

Reconcile bank accounts, input tax credit, receivables, payable and more using our intuitive and easy to understand dashboards.

  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Input Tax Credit Reconciliation
  • Receivables Reconciliation
  • Payables Reconciliation
Create, Manage and Track GST eWay Bills

Create, Manage and Track GST eWay Bills

Create, manage and track thousands of GST eWay Bills with the GST eWay bill tool inbuilt and integrated with LEDGERS.

  • Create GST eWay Bill
  • Manage GST eWay Bill
  • Track GST eWay Bill
  • Bulk eWay Bill Generation

Integrate LEDGERS

LEDGERS is built to seamlessly sync and work with other online and offline applications you regularly use. Easily import or export data from LEDGERS to Excel or Tally.

Need some other integrations? Our dedicated team can help you simplify accounting by building custom connectors.

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