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Any person or legal entity from India can incorporate a C-Corporation or LLC and obtain EIN Number (Employer Identification Number) through IndiaFilings.

USA Company Registration

Register a C-Corporation or LLC is the world's largest market with ease from India through IndiaFilings. For USA company registration, physical presence or travel to USA is not required. The process can be completed online in less than a week through IndiaFilings.

United States of America has been the world’s largest economy since 1871. The US economy is nearly 20 trillion dollars which is nearly 14 times the size of the Indian economy. USA falls under the category of developed economies and is an economic superpower unlike any other country in the world due to its advanced infrastructure, technology and abundance of natural resources. The US economy is mainly service oriented, contributing 80% of its GDP, while manufacturing contributes about 15% of its output.

With rapid development in technology, shipment times across the world being reduced and an enormous english speaking population, India businesses are in a unique position to explore the American market or establish global businesses based out of USA. With one of the lowest corporate tax rates, well established business laws and practices - USA is the right choice for most Indian businesses with global ambitions or foreign customer base

IndiaFilings is the market leader in company registration services in India, offering a variety of company registration like private limited company registration, one person company registration, LLP registration and more. IndiaFilings can help you register a C-Corp or LLC in the USA right from India in less than 5 working days. Get a free consultation on USA company registration and business setup in USA by scheduling an appointment with an IndiaFilings Advisor.

USA Entry Options

A US business can be setup in a number of like sole-proprietorship, general partnership, LLC or a Corporation. However, a the entry route for Indian nationals or Indian entities is limited to a LLC or a C-Corp in the USA.

In the USA the laws and regulations pertaining to incorporation and management of an LLC or Corporation differ from state to state. However, we incorporate all LLC or Corporations for Indian Nationals in Delaware due to various advantages like low taxes, minimal maintenance fees and excellent corporate laws.

Delaware is not only a good option for Indian Nationals and companies - but even for American Companies as more than half of all publicly traded and Fortune 500 companies in the USA are incorporated in Delaware.

LLC (Limited Liability Company)

LLC is a type of entity that has features of both a Corporation and a Partnership. LLC provides the owners with limited liability protection in case of a lawsuit or bankruptcy. At the same time, LLCs are also operationally flexible and the compliance requirements for a LLC are simple.

For example, a Corporations require resolutions and shareholder meetings, and the recording and filing of forms showing meetings were held and voting majorities made the decisions. On the other hand, LLCs don’t require annual shareholder’s meeting.


If your goal is to seek funding from VCs and angel investors, incorporating a C-Corporation in the USA is the right choice. Corporations are regarded to be much more professionals by Bankers, Investors, Customers, Suppliers and Employees - making it an ideal choice for most businesses.

C-Corporations are an independent legal entity that is separate from the people who own, control and manage it. Due to this recognition as an individual entity, it is viewed as a legal "person" in the view of tax laws, and can thus be engaged in business and contracts, can initiate lawsuits and itself be sued.

Registered Agent

All Delaware LLCs or Corporations are required to maintain a registered agent in the State of Delaware who would be responsible for receiving and processing all official mail on behalf of the Delaware company. Our package includes Delaware Registered Agent service for one year.

Corporate Tax Rate

USA has two levels of corporate income tax levied on LLCs and Corporations - Federal Corporate Tax and State Corporate Tax. The Federal corporate income tax rate has recently been reduced from 35% to 21% by The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

State corporate income tax rate in the US differs from state to state. The lowest being 3% in North Carolina to 12% in Iowa. Delaware corporate taxes are levied at 8.7% of net income. However, if a business is incorporated in Delaware but does not transact business in the State of Delaware, then state corporate tax would not be levied. Thus, a Delaware incorporation would be most advantageous for foreign nationals and entities seeking to do business in the USA through Delaware.

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all inclusive fees

  • LLC or C-Corporation Incorporation
  • 1 Year Registered Agent



all inclusive fees

  • LLC or C-Corporation Incorporation
  • 1 Year Registered Agent
  • EIN Number



all inclusive fees

  • LLC or C-Corporation Incorporation
  • 1 Year Registered Agent
  • EIN Number
  • 1 Year Mail Handling

USA Bank Account Opening

To open a USA bank account, business incorporation documents and EIN would be required. Once the business is incorporated, to open a bank account - the business owner must travel to the USA on a proper visa and walk-in to a bank’s branch. We recommend Wilmington Trust, HSBC, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, Chase, or Citibank. Many bank branches in the State of Delaware or Vegas are well-versed in the procedure relating to setting up bank account for foreign nationals.

Further, a business account for the LLC or Corporation need not be started in the state of formation. The business owner based on incorporation documents can walk-in to a branch in any State and open a business account.

While, opening a bank account, a physical address must be provided in the USA for the bank to send information, check book, debit/credit card and other information from time to time. You can set up a forwarding service in the USA for receiving your mails and forwarding the same to you in India.

IndiaFilings will be responsible only for incorporating your LLC or Corporation in the USA and obtaining EIN Number. No service provider including IndiaFilings can open a bank account in the USA without your physical presence.

How many persons are required to open a US LLC or Corporation?
Just one person is sufficient to incorporate a US LLC or Corporation.
Will I need a passport of visa to incorporate a US LLC or Corporation?

No, any foreign national can incorporate a US LLC or Corporation without having a passport or US visa.

Will I need to travel to the USA for incorporation?

No, you need not travel to the USA for incorporation. It can be completed without leaving India.

How to open a US Bank Account?

Once a US LLC or Corporation is incorporated, you can use those documents along with the EIN to open a US Bank Account. To open a US Bank Account, physical presence of the person would be required in the bank branch in the US.

What is EIN Number?

Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a nine-digit number assigned by the IRS. EIN is required for opening a US bank account, hiring employees and filing various business tax returns.

Will IndiaFilings help me with opening a US bank account?

IndiaFilings can help and assure only incorporation of a LLC or C-Corporation. With the incorporation documents and EIN number, the business owner can walk-in to any Bank branch to open a business account. However, physical presence of the business owner is mandatorily required in the US for bank account opening. Hence, IndiaFilings cannot help with the opening of a US bank account beyond the stage of incorporation.


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