Eway Bill In Purulia

An E-way Bill is the electronic e-waybill for the movement of goods, this bill is generated on the E-way bill portal. A supplier or a transporter who is transporting goods with a value of more than Rs. 50,000 in a single-vehicle is required to carry the E-way bill in Eway Bill In Purulia as per the GST council regulations. The Supplier or the transporter of the goods should also register with the GST to get the GST e-way bill in Eway Bill In Purulia.

Once the E-way bill is generated on the portal using the required credentials the portal then generates a unique e-way bill number and allocates it to the registered supplier, recipient, and transporter. Let us talk about the steps to generate an e-Way bill on the government website.

e-Way bill can be generated by the supplier or the transporter through the following ways:

  • Ledgers Software
  • E-way bill portal
  • SMS
  • Android app and
  • The site to site integration (Through API )
What is the validity of the e-Way bill generated in Purulia?

An E-way bill in Purulia is valid for the period as given below, it is generally based on the distance that is traveled by the goods. The validity is calculated from the date and the time of the generation of the bill.

Type of conveyance Distance Validity
Other than
over-dimensional cargo
Less than 100 km 1 Day Validity
For every additional 100 km
and thereof
Additional 1-day Validity
For over-dimensional cargo Up to 20 km 1-day Validity
For every additional 20 km
and thereof
Additional 1-day validity

The validity of the E-way bill is counted from the day it has been generated and each day is counted with the period that is expiring at midnight of the day immediately following the generation of the E-way bill in Purulia.

The E-way bill generation and the management are very simple for business through IndiaFilings. Now E-way bills in Purulia can be generated easily at one click and also shared with the customers of the supplier. The procedure for the movement of goods is prescribed in the E-way bill rules.

For generating the E-way bill in Eway Bill In Purulia talk to our experts today.

Eway Bill In Purulia FAQ's

To generate an eWay bill in Purulia the invoice of the consignment of goods, the transporter ID or the vehicle number (in case of transport by road), The transporter ID, document number, and date (In case of transport by rail, air, and ship)

Yes, the validity of the eWay bill generated in Purulia is dependent on the distance of the goods that are to be transported. For transportation by a regular vehicle or another transportation mode for every 100 km one-day validity is provided. Similarly for cargo vehicles, for every 20 km one-day validity is provided. This validity expires by midnight of the last day.

An E-way bill can be generated by the registered person from any registered place of business. He just needs to enter the address accordingly in the eWay bills.

In case if the validity of the E-way bill expires the goods cannot be moved. The transporter needs to extend the validity of the bill in Part B of Form GST EWB-01

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