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How to Get Encumbrance Certificate (EC) in Tamilnadu


How to Get Encumbrance Certificate (EC) in Tamilnadu

Encumbrance Certificate or EC is an important property document that provides references to any liabilities in the form of a mortgage or a loan against the property, that has not been cleared. Encumbrance certificate also contains details of all the transactions in a property. Before purchasing a property, it is important to obtain the encumbrance certificate and ensure there are no hidden liabilities. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Encumbrance Certificate in Tamilnadu.

Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

Encumbrance Certificate is required for those purchasing a property and for those applying for a loan against property. EC contains all the transactions registered with the Registration Department, relating to a particular property for a certain period. Hence, EC helps a person ascertain the commercial transactions that happened to a property over a long period of time, as per Government record. Typically, banks and financial institutions request the borrower to furnish 10-15 years of EC. In some cases, this can also be extended for up to 30 years.

Online Encumbrance Certificate in Tamilnadu

In Tamilnadu, application for obtaining EC for a property can be submitted online through the Tamilnadu Registration Department website. EC can be obtained in Tamilnadu, within a week of application. The computerisation of EC records has made the entire process easy and fast. The following information must be submitted by the applicant to obtain EC:

  •  Applicant Information
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone for which EC is required
    • Address
  • Property address details for which EC is required
    • Street Name
    • Village
    • Zone
    • Sub-Registrar Office
    • District
  • Property details
    • Old Door No.
    • New Door No.
    • Plot No.
    • Extent
    • Boundaries
    • Survey No.
    • Ward
    • Block
    • Division

In addition to the above, the details of the time frame for which EC is required can be mentioned to obtain encumbrance certificate in Tamilnadu. In case one wants to contact a property Lawyer in Tamilnadu, visit