Trademark Registration In Bareilly

Trademark registration in Bareilly can be obtained by any person or a legal entity. Even Foreign Nationals or entities can apply for trademark registration in Bareilly. Trademark is considered to be an asset for the company. Hence, it is very important to obtain a trademark registration to create an identity for the company.

Trademark registration is a process in which you need to follow various steps in addition to this it also requires timely follow-up from the government. Here we will take a quick at the process of trademark registration in Bareilly.

How to obtain trademark registration in Bareilly?

Step1: The first step begins with initiating a Trademark Search. We can help in conducting a detailed trademark search using the tool to find the mark across classes.

Step2: The second step involves the making of an application by the Trademark Attorney. Form48 and TM1 are prepared for approval and the trademark applicant is needed to sign this.

Step3: Here in the third step the trademark filing is done with the trademark registry. The trademark fee for registering for a small enterprise, individual, or startup is Rs.4500.

Step4: After the trademark application is filed and the government is processing the application it is necessary to check the status of the trademark application periodically. In case there is any objection a reply must be submitted within 30 days by the applicant.

With IndiaFilings you can obtain trademark registration in Bareilly easily. IndiaFilings is a key service provider when it comes to incorporation and maintaining compliances.

Trademark Registration In Bareilly FAQ's

A trademark registration obtained in Bareilly is valid for 10 years from the date of filing.

An owner of the trademark can file for the renewal of trademark registration in Bareilly to keep

Obtaining a trademark registration identifies the goods or the services and their origin. The trademark registration guarantees unchanged quality. Trademark registration in Bareilly creates a brand identity for the goods and services.

An application for trademark registration can be filed with the trademark registry within 1-3 days. But the other legal procedure and formalities require 6 to 24 months to obtain trademark registration in Bareilly

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