Gst Return Filing In Chandigarh

A taxpayer is required to file 4 forms for GST returns in Chandigarh these forms include the returns such as the returns of the supplies, returns for the purchases made, the monthly returns, and the annual returns. GST return filing in Chandigarh is mandatory for all the entities that have a valid GST registration irrespective of the business activity or the sales or the profitability while the return filing period. Hence, even a dormant business having a valid GST registration is required to file the GST returns.

It is a document that has all the details of all the incomes or the expenses that a taxpayer is required to file with the administrative authorities.

Who is required to file the GST returns in Chandigarh?

GST return filing in Chandigarh is necessary for the people mentioned below:

An individual having a valid GSTIN has to compulsorily file the GST returns in Chandigarh.

Also, a person with an annual turnover exceeding Rs.20 lakh has to obtain the GST registration and file the GST returns mandatorily.

In the case of the special states, the annual turnover limit is set to Rs.10 lakh.

GST return filing in Chandigarh under the composition scheme.

All the people that are registered under the Composition scheme are required to file the GST returns in Chandigarh using the CMP-08 every quarter and GSTR 4 to be filed annually through the GST common portal or the GST facilitation center. GST return filing in Chandigarh for those who are enrolled under the composition scheme would be due on the 18th of the month, succeeding a quarter.

The GST return filed should include the following details:

  • Invoice wise inter-state and intrastate inward supplies are received from the registered and unregistered persons.
  • Consolidated details of the outward supplies that are made.

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Gst Return Filing In Chandigarh FAQ's

Every person who has obtained GST registration in Chandigarh would be required to file GST returns. Even the entities that have no activity should file GST NIL return to stay in compliance with the GST regulation.

GST returns should be filed only. GST returns can be filed offline too and the same can be uploaded on the online portal. File your GST returns with IndiaFilings today.

The non-filers are tracked by the GST department and a list of the defaulters is provided to the respective GST authorities. The GST law will also include the imposition of a late fee for GST return filing in Chandigarh.

All taxpayers other than input service distributor, a non-resident taxable person, casual taxable person, and a person that pays tac under the GST composition scheme needs to file GSTR1 in Chandigarh.

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