Copyright Registration In Tirur

Copyright registration in Tirur can be obtained for any work that is related to literature, drama, music, artwork, films, and even sound recordings. Copyrights are given to three classes of work mainly and each class has a distinctive right to the copyright Act.

The application for copyright registration in Tirur can be made on Form IV in a requisite manner and the prescribed fees. The work can be copyrighted irrespective if it's published or unpublished. In the case of published work, three copies of the published work need to be presented along with the application.

  • To apply for copyright registration in Tirur mention the work while filing the forms. Depending on the type of work a separate copyright application may also need to be filed.
  • The applicant is required to sign the forms and the advocate should apply the name of the POA that has been executed. In the meanwhile, our registration experts will prepare the application and submit the form to the registrar of the copyrights.
  • During the 30-day waiting period, the copyright examiner reviews the application for any objection or in case there are any discrepancies.
  • In case of an objection, notice is issued and the same has to be complied with within 30 days from the date of issuing the notice. Both the parties may be called for a hearing by the examiner.
  • Once the discrepancies are removed the copyright is registered and the registration certificate is issued by the officer.

Copyright Registration In Tirur FAQ's

A copy registration in Tirur can be sold, transferred, gifted, and franchised with consent from the owner of the work.

Both Published as well as unpublished works can obtain Copyright registration in Tirur. In case the work is already published the published details need to be furnished along with the application.

In case any discrepancies are not removed within the said timelines then the application will not be abandoned.

Copyright registration in Tirur can be obtained within 6 to 8 months considering various factors like the objections too.

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