Tds Return Filing In Surat

TDS return filing in Surat is the practice of reducing the tax evasion and the spillage by the TDS payment at predefined rates.

How to do TDS return filing in Surat?

The step-by-step procedure to file TDS returns in Surat:

  • To begin with, Form 27 A contains multiple columns is to be filled. If the hard copy of the Form is filled then it should be verified along with the e-TDS return that has been electronically filed.
  • The next part is when the tax deducted at source and the total amount paid is correctly filled and is to be tallied correctly.
  • The Organization’s TAN has to be mentioned on Form 27 A. If in case the TAN mentioned is incorrect there will be difficulties in the Verification process.
  • While filing the TDS returns the appropriate challan number, the mode of the payment and the tax details have to be mentioned. If the challan number is incorrect or the date of payments is incorrect there is a mismatch and the TDS returns have to be filed again.
  • For bringing consistency the basic form for filing e TDS has to be used. The 7-digit BSR should be entered correctly to ease the tallying process.
  • Physical TDS returns should be submitted at the TIN FC. The TIN FC is managed by the NSDL. The digital signature certificate should be used by the deductor in case if the TDS returns are filed online.
  • When the correct information is provided a token number or provisional receipt will be received. This is a confirmation that the TDS return has been filed.
  • If there is rejection a non-acceptance memo with the reason why it is rejected is issued and the returns have to be filed again.

TDS Certificate

A TDS Certificate is furnished to the deductee by the deductor after deducting the TDS. The TDS certificate needs to be preserved by the deductee. The TDS certificate on payments other than salaries is issued every quarter and the TDS certificate for the salary is provided on an annual basis. If the deductee loses possession of the certificate he can request a duplicate TDS Certificate.

Claiming TDS

The TDS credit can be claimed by the deductor to claim the credit of the TDS the deductee has to mention the details of the TDS in the income returns. Please quote the correct numbers in case the numbers provided by the deductee are wrong there will be a discrepancy with the tax credit of processing the TDS returns.

Tds Return Filing In Surat FAQ's

TDS return filing in Surat is a completely online process. All the information must be carefully filled in.

Form 27 A must be filed for filing TDS returns in Surat.

The convenient sequence for filing form ITR 7 in Surat is
  • To File Part A
  • Schedules
  • Part B
  • Verification.

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