Itr 6 Form In Kannur

Companies registers under the Companies Act 2013 or Companies Act 1956 irrespective of the structure are required to file ITR 6 returns in Kannur. But for the companies with income coming from a charitable or religious organization are not required to file ITR 6 returns in Kannur as they are exempted under Section 11.

Structure of ITR 6 return filing in Kannur:

ITR 6 Form is divided into two parts Part A and Part B with multiple schedules that include information which is related to income and the tax of the assessee.

Part A and its subsections

General information

Here the basic details of the firm such as the name, PAN number, CIN, Incorporation date should be mentioned.

Trading Account

This Sub-section requires details regarding the income and expenditure of the Company.

Balance sheet

In this subsection details regarding the balance sheet of the company such as the liabilities, current liabilities, share capital, and more is required

Manufacturing Account

This sub-section requires the figures related to manufacturing accounts relating to inventory such as opening stock, closing stock, and cost of goods that are produced.

Profit and Loss Account

This Subsection is to be filled details relating to the profits of the Company or the incurred loss during the relevant financial year.

Part B and its subsections

Part B - TI

Computation of the Total Income

Part B - TTI

Computation of the tax liability of the Total Income.

There are various schedules, you can click here to know more.

What is the correct sequence to file ITR 6?

ITR 6 Should be filed in the following sequence:

  • Part A
  • Schedules
  • Part B
  • Verification

ITR 6 filing in Kannur is completely an online process and has to be furnished electronically using the Digitial Signature certificate of the assessee.

Itr 6 Form In Kannur FAQ's

Section 139 (5) of the income tax act states that in case a mistake is made while filing ITR 6 in Kannur it can be corrected by filing the revised ITR.

The ITR 6 form filing in Kannur is to be completely furnished electronically using the digital signature.

There is no such requirement to attach any annexures while filing ITR 6 form in Kannur, But the taxpayers are advised to match the taxes that are deducted, collection or paid.

No, it is not compulsory to get the accounts audited but in case the assessee is liable to get the auditing done under section 44AB and the details of the audit report along with the furnishing fate have to be provided.

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