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One Stop Centre Scheme

One Stop Centre Scheme

One Stop Centre Scheme

Gender-Based Violence is a global issue that transcends class, geography, age, culture, religion and race to affect every country and community in the world. There are several forms of gender-based violence in India, including acid attacks, rape, dowry, child marriage, witch hunting, honour killing, child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, etc. The Ministry of Women and Child Development has formulated One Stop Centre, a Centrally Sponsored Scheme for National Mission for Empowerment of Women known as Sakhi. There are Centres established across the country to offer support and assistance to women affected by violence in public and private spaces. The implementing agency for the scheme is the State Government, and the scheme will be funded through the Nirbhaya Fund. The Centre offers 100% financial assistance to the State Government under the Scheme.

Objectives of the Scheme

  • The scheme aims to offer support to women who are affected by violence.
  • Any woman facing sexual, physical, psychological, emotional and economic abuse, irrespective of class, age, caste, marital status, education, culture and race will be provided support and redressal.
  • It aims to facilitate immediate, emergency and non-emergency access to a number of services including legal, medical, counselling and psychological support under one roof to fight all forms of violence against women.
  • Aggrieved women facing any kind of violence due to attempted sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, honour-related crimes, trafficking, witch-hunting or acid attacks who have reached out to the OSC or have been referred to OSC will be provided with specialised services.


One stop centre scheme will support all women, including girls aged below 18 affected by violence, irrespective of class, religion, caste, region, marital status or sexual orientation.

Services offered under One Stop Centre Scheme

  1. Rescue services and emergency response – The Centre will provide referral and rescue services to women who are affected by violence. There are police vans and 108 service so that the woman affected can either be rescued from the location or referred to the nearest medical facility.
  2. Assistance will be provided to women in lodging an FIR/DIR/NCR
  3. Medical assistance – Women affected by violence will be referred to the nearest hospital for medical examination, which will be undertaken as per the guidelines developed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  4. Legal aid and counselling – In order to give justice for women affected by violence, the centre works through empanelled lawyers and National/District/State legal service authority. Women will be provided with an advocate of her choice if she wishes to engage the same to assist the State Prosecutors in her case. It will be the responsibility of the lawyer to simplify legal procedures for the woman and advocate for her exemption from court hearings. In cases of an offence of rape, it will be the duty of the Prosecutors trying the case to complete the trial as far as possible within a period of two months from the date of filing of the charge sheet.
  5. Social support/counseling – A professional counsellor providing psycho/social counselling services will be available on call. The process will give confidence to women and will address violence or will seek justice for the violence
  6. Shelter – The centre will provide temporary shelter to aggrieved women. In the case of long-term requirements, arrangements will be made with Short Stay Homes/Swadhar Greh. Women affected by violence with their children can avail temporary shelter at the centre for a maximum duration of five days.
  7. Facility of video conferencing – In order to facilitate hassle-free proceedings, the centre will provide video conferencing facility. The statement of aggrieved woman can be recorded using an audio/video.

Accessing One Stop Centre

Women affected by violence can assess the centre in the following manner:

  1. By herself
  2. Through women helpline integrated with police, ambulance and other emergency response helplines
  3. Through any person, including any public servant, public citizen, friend, NGO, relative, volunteer, etc.

An SMS will be sent to the PO/DPO/SHP/DM/DYSP/CMO/SP/CDPO of the area immediately.

Women assessing temporary shelter will be provided with basic facilities like food, clothes, medicine etc. Additionally, a basic kit will be provided, which includes soap, hair oil, shampoo, sewing kit, toothbrush, etc. At any given point of time, the centre will provide a shelter facility to a maximum number of five women, and the cost of the kit will not exceed Rs.100.


In order to establish a centre, it is necessary to obtain adequate accommodation having a carpet area of at least 132 sq. m. within a medical facility. If there is no medical facility nearby, then an existing Government institution located within 2 km radius of the hospital in the district headquarter having adequate accommodation will be used for operating the Centre. The Centre should be constructed on suitable land having a total area of 300 sq. m.