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FSSAI License for Relabeller

FSSAI License for Relabeller

FSSAI License for Relabeller

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has recently announced that FBOs that get their products manufactured through third-party manufacturers need to obtain FSSAI License under the “Relabeller” Kind of Business. Supplier, Marketer Kind of Businesses has been disabled for applying for new License/ Registration. The current article briefs the procedure to get FSSAI License for Relabeller.

Definition of Relabeller

Relabellers are deemed manufacturers and shall not hold any manufacturing premises of his/her own. A Relabeller can get his/her product manufactured/packed only from a manufacturer holding a valid FSSAI license.

FSSAI License for Relabeller

One single license will be issued to Relabeller operating on more than one premise. For a reseller operating in more than one state, its registered office/head office may be given a single central license as per FSS Licensing and Registration Regulation, 2011.

The prescribed format of application to apply for a license under the Licensing Regulations 2011 contemplates “re-labeling (manufactured by a third party under own packaging and labeling)” as a KOB, such as manufacturing, distributor/supplier, retail trade wholesale trade.

The food business operators can apply for a license on the Food Safety and compliance system (FoSCoS) which provides for licensing under various KOBs and also provides some description of each KOB.

As per the current KOB categories on the FoSCoS website, “re-labeler” is recognized as a separate KOB and one needs to apply under the “relabelled” category for obtaining a re-labeler license.

Conditions to Issue FSSAI License for Relabeller

The following are the conditions Issue FSSAI License for Relabeller:

  • As mentioned above, relabelled does not manufacture the product on its own instead does an agreement/contract with third-party manufacturers for product manufacturing.
  • Relabeller needs to ensure all Schedule 4 (General Hygienic and Sanitary Practices to be followed by food business operators) conditions are laid down for manufacturers.
  • A labeler is responsible for each safety and standard for all products manufactured and packed under his/her license
  • A labeler can apply for and obtain a single license for different food categories
  • A relabelled shall affix addresses and license numbers of both the relabelled as well as those of the manufacturer/processor on the labels of his/her products
  • The annexure of a Relabeller license will include details of all manufacturing/processing locations along with product categories, processing capacities, and FSS licensing numbers
  • Any change in the locations, working capacity, or product category must be immediately incorporated in the license numbers
  • A relabelled shall nominate one officer responsible for compliance with licensing conditions across all the relabeling units
  • The respective manufacturing/processing unit will be responsible for maintaining the conditions of FSMS in that unit
  • An application for a relabeller license must be accompanied by a comprehensive recall and traceability plan

Fee Structure

The fee structure to get FSSAI License for Relabeller is tabulated here for reference:

Sl.No Details Fee
1 Manufacturing License Rs.2000 to 7500 per year
2 Registration Certificate Rs.100 per year
3 Modification of License and Certificate Rs.1000 for license and Rs.100 for registration
4 Renewal of License and Certificate Same as New license/Registration

Documents Required

The followings documents need to be furnished to get FSSAI License for Relabeller

  • Proof of Expected Annual Turnover
  • full address and contact details of Directors
  • Photo I.D and address proof issued by the Government authority of Proprietor / Partner / Director(s) / Authorized Signatory.
  • Proof of possession of premises. (Sale deed/ Rent agreement/ Electricity bill, etc.).
  • Partnership Deed/Self Declaration for Proprietorship/Memorandum & Articles of Association towards the constitution of the firm.
  • Nomination of Persons by a Company along with the Board Resolution
  • NOC & Copy of License from manufacture

Read more about Revised List of Documents Required for FSSAI License

Application Procedure

As mentioned above, the current KOB categories on the FoSCoS website, “re-labeler” is recognized as a separate KOB and one needs to apply under the “relabeller” category for obtaining a relabeller license.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) announced that the creation of FoSCoS user-id is not required before applying for license/registration. The user can apply directly from FoSCoS Homepage.


Login ID will be 17 digits application number. Provision for primary and secondary contact details has been enabled in the FoSCoS.


  • After login into the portal, click on License/Registration and Apply for License/Registration on the left menu.


  • Select the State from the menu and click on the Relabeller Kind of Business. Read the instructions before proceeding.
  • After providing all mandatory details upload the required documents (refer above)
  • Pay the fee with available modes and click on the submit button to proceed further.


  • After completing the payment, a receipt will be generated with a 17-digit reference number which can be used for future reference.


  • Users can track the status of application through the FoSCoS Homepage i.e.

The official notification pertaining to the FSSAI License for Relabeller is attached here for ready reference: