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Arunachal Pradesh Marriage Registration


Arunachal Pradesh Marriage Registration

The Arunachal Pradesh Recording of Marriage Act, 2008 requires the compulsory registration of marriage solemnized in the State. In Arunachal Pradesh, marriages can be registered with the prescribed authority. On registering the marriage, Arunachal Pradesh marriage registration certificate will be issued. The marriage certificate is a crucial document as it is legal proof of marriage between two individuals. This article examines the procedure for obtaining the Arunachal Pradesh Marriage Registration certificate in detail.

Know more about How to Get Marriage Registration Certificate

Arunachal Pradesh Recording of Marriage Act, 2008

As per the provision of the Arunachal Pradesh Recording of Marriage Act, Arunachal Pradesh Government has made marriage registration mandatory in the State.  All marriages solemnized on or after the commencement of this Act in the State in any form recognized under the personal law or custom applicable to the parties (husband and wife), or either of them will be compulsorily recorded following the provisions of this Act.

Every marriage solemnized within the State of Arunachal Pradesh irrespective of caste, community or religion will be registered under the provisions of AR Recording of Marriage Act.

Purpose of Registering Marriage

Marriage Registration serves for the following purposes.

  • To avert child marriages
  • For helping women to exercise their rights of maintenance from husbands and custody of children
  • For authorizing widows to claim an inheritance
  • To serve as a deterrent to husband deserting his wife
  • To check bigamy or polygamy

Benefits of  Arunachal Pradesh Marriage Registration  Certificate

Purposes of obtaining Arunachal Pradesh marriage certificate are below:

  • The marriage certificate is a proof that a woman is legally married to the person (Details are in the marriage certificate)
  • Marriage registration certificate enables social security and self-confidence to a married woman.
  • The marriage certificate is mandatory for claiming bank deposits or insurance benefit to a spouse.
  • In the case of the married person, the marriage certificate is necessary for applying for a passport.

Conditions for Registering Marriage

To register marriage in Arunachal Pradesh, the applicant should satisfy the below conditions:

  • Age of the groom should be 21 years and bride should have completed 18 years at the time of marriage.
  • Solemnization place will fall within the jurisdiction of the Registering Officer in Arunachal Pradesh

Time Limit for Registering Marriage

The male partner or the female partner may within sixty days from the date of solemnization need to record the marriage under this Act.

The penalty for late registration

Any time after the expiry of the periods of sixty days, marriage will be recorded on payment of a penalty of rupees two hundred.

The validity of Marriage Certificate

Arunachal Pradesh Marriage certificate is valid for the lifetime.

Prescribed Authority for Marriage Registration

Marriage Recorder or Marriage Reporter having jurisdiction over the area will issue a marriage certificate.

Arunachal Pradesh Marriage Registration Procedure 

All marriages solemnized under this AR Marriage Recording Act will be in the manner provided here.

 The bride or groom within sixty days from the date marriage needs to record the marriage in Arunachal Pradesh. 

Oral intimation of marriage

Step 1: The groom or bride can intimate orally about the marriage to the Sub-Divisional Marriage Recorder or the Marriage Reporter having jurisdiction over the area in which the marriage was contracted.

Step 2: The Marriage Reporter or the Sub Divisional Marriage Recorder will duly fill an application form in Prescribed Method and obtain thereon signature or thumb impression of either of the spouses to the marriage and two witnesses.

Note: Follow the steps (from step 4) below to get a marriage certificate.

Furnish a Memorandum

Step 1: Bridegroom or bride need to prepare and sign a memorandum in the prescribed format.

Arunachal-Pradesh-Recording-of-Marriage- Form

Step 2: Access -Divisional Marriage Recorder or the Marriage Reporter near to your locality and submit the marriage registration application.

Step 3: Recorder or Reporter will obtain signature and thumb impression from both the spouses and two witnesses of the locality and forward the application directly or by registered post to the Sub-Divisional Marriage Recorder.

Note:  In case of giving oral intimation about the marriage or the memorandum of marriage to the Sub-Divisional Marriage Recorder, will make a copy of the memorandum of that marriage and send the same to the appropriate Marriage Reporter within his jurisdiction for verification and report.

Step 4: The Sub-Divisional Marriage Recorder will acknowledge the marriage memorandum.

Note:  Every Sub-Divisional Marriage Recorder will maintain a register of marriages occurring in his area.

On receipt of a memorandum of the marriage solemnized within his jurisdiction, he/she will after making inquiries and ascertaining the correctness of the information enter the particulars of the memorandum of marriage in the register.

Get Arunachal Pradesh Marriage Registration Certificate

The Sub-Divisional Marriage Recorder will authenticate the Certificate of Marriage and this certificate will be handed over to the parties. The format of Arunachal Pradesh Marriage certificate is here for the reference.

Arunachal-Pradesh Marriage Certificate