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Passport Seva

Passport Seva

Earlier, the task to get a passport, let alone a visa, was an arduous one. Individuals had to initially fill up application forms manually and then, wait tirelessly in long queues outside their local passport office awaiting their turn. Many were turned away and asked to try another day, as their documents were incomplete or if the office was done for the day. However, fear not as Passport Seva has come to the rescue. Citizens of India may obtain a new passport or have one renewed with ease through Passport Seva both, online and offline.

About the Seva

The Government of India had taken up multiple initiatives to bring about an era of e-Governance in order to improve the delivery of public services in recent years. Passport Seva was established by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The MEA has, however, retained essential functions such as the verification process, granting, and the issuance of a passport for any individual. The Ministry also has ownership of the core assets that includes data and information of all the individual applicants.

The following are the various tasks that an Indian citizen can execute with respect to obtaining a passport online.

  • Apply for a new passport.
  • Apply for the renewal of a passport.
  • Apply for the re-issuance of a lost or damaged passport.
  • Access and download the Application Form for the Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Access and download the Application Form for the Surrender Certificate.
  • Access and download the Application Form for the Identity Certificate.

The online Portal for Passport Seva provides information on the documents and all the essential data required for the application process. Additionally, it includes information on how to obtain any of the documents necessary for the procedure. It is mandatory for individuals to register themselves for Passport Seva online initially in order to make use of the facilities offered on the Portal.

Advantages of the Seva

Passport Seva has been aimed to transform passport and its related services in the country. This is achieved by offering the best-in-class experience to apply and obtain a passport and other services. These services are provided by the Seva to the citizens through a reliable, convenient and transparent manner within each defined service level. The following are the critical aspects that the Seva ensures to offer a transformed experience.

Access – Anytime, Anywhere

The citizens of India may submit their completed application forms for passports on the Passport Seva portal. Similarly, applicants may seek an appointment after payment of passport fees on the same Portal. The Passport Seva portal aims to offer comprehensive and up-to-date information related to passport services. Post confirmation of an appointment date/ time, individuals are only required to visit their nearest Passport Seva Kendra at the given slot.

Improved Amenities

Passport Seva and its Kendras offers users with world-class ambience. Amenities such as the following are provided in comfortable air-conditioned waiting lounges:

  • Self-Services Kiosks
  • Helpful Guides
  • Photocopying Services
  • Food and Beverage Facilities
  • Public Phone Booths
  • Childcare Services
  • Newspapers and Journals
  • Television Access

The Electronic Queue Management System equipped at every Kendra ensures the first come first serve principle for the application process.

Increased Network

With over 37 Passport Offices, 93 Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs) have been established and are currently operational across the country as a part of Passport Seva to serve the citizens of India regarding passport services.

Top Notch Infrastructure

Passport Seva is supported by the latest technology infrastructure which facilitates end-to-end passport services to be delivered to the applicants with enhanced security. The photographs and biometrics of the applicants are collected when they visit a Kendra in order to process their requests. The applications and supporting documents are stored digitally in the system for further processing.

Call Centre & Helpdesk

A call centre operating nationally in 17 Indian languages gives citizens the opportunity to obtain passport service-related information and to receive updates concerning their passport applications, round the clock, 7 days a week. An e-mail based helpdesk has been set up, besides the smart-phone based application ‘mPassport Seva’, to provide information on passport services.

Integration with India Post and the Police Force

The Passport Seva network connects to the State Police across every state and the union territory. The applicant’s data is sent for police verification digitally. The Seva also provides an interface to India Post in order to track delivery of passports to applicants.

Registration on Passport Seva

A passport is an essential document if an individual wish to travel abroad. It also serves as a proof of identity and address for an individual. To apply for a passport and to avail other services, it is essential that an individual register themselves online on the Passport Seva portal. The following are the basics steps to apply for a passport on the Passport Seva portal.

Step 1: Visit the official Passport Seva portal.

Step 1 - Passport Seva
Step 1 – Passport Seva

Step 2: On the left, click on the New User? Register Now tab in bright orange colour. Click on the tab and follow the link to the next page.

Step 2 - Passport Seva
Step 2 – Passport Seva

Step 3: A form will be displayed where the user will be required to complete with appropriate information.

Step 3 - Passport Seva
Step 3 – Passport Seva

Step 4: Ensure that the radio icon is set to the Passport Office option.

Step 4 - Passport Seva
Step 4 – Passport Seva

Step 5: Select the nearest Passport Seva Kendra in your city from the choices in the drop-down list.

Step 5 - Passport Seva
Step 5 – Passport Seva

Step 6: After doing so, enter the relevant personal details in the required fields as inquired on the page.

Step 7: The next page would indicate the user to set up their own Login ID and Password to their account according to the terms and conditions mentioned on the Portal. The user will be required to re-enter the Password in order to confirm.

Step 7 - Passport Seva
Step Step 7 – Passport Seva7 – Passport Seva

Step 8: The user will be asked to select their choice of a hint question and an answer to the same question. This is essential in case the user loses their login credentials to access their Passport Seva account.

Step 8 - Passport Seva
Step 8 – Passport Seva

Step 9: The user has to enter the relevant Captcha code that would be displayed on the screen and click on the final tab that indicates Register.

Step 9 - Passport Seva
Step 9 – Passport Seva

Step 10: The account of the user would be created, and the user may log in to their Passport Seva account to apply for a passport and various other services using the credentials that they chose.