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Andhra Pradesh Caste Certificate


Andhra Pradesh Caste Certificate

Residents of Andhra Pradesh can obtain a caste certificate to avail numerous kinds of facilities offered by the Governments that are targeted at a specific category of persons. In Andhra Pradesh, caste certificates provide certain privileges to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, in order to bring equality among the entire citizens and the State Revenue Department, issues it. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining caste certificate in Andhra Pradesh through online and offline modes.

Benefits of Caste Certificate

Caste certificate mainly helps peoples who belong to the reserved category such as scheduled castes, tribes or backward classes in availing the below-listed benefits:

  • To obtain a reservation of seats in the Legislatures and the Government Service.
  • For waiving off a part or the whole of the fees for admission to schools and colleges.
  • To avail quotas in the educational institutions.
  • Caste certificate has to be produced to apply for scholarships.
  • To obtain government subsidies, the caste certificate is needed.
  • To get upper age relaxation limits while applying for certain jobs.
  • To get a loan for education, house or business under the Government and Non-Government schemes.

Caste certificate enhances the standard of living of people belonging to the scheduled tribes, scheduled caste, and other backward classes by providing them with better opportunities. To be able to avail of these privileges, a citizen belonging to a particular caste must be in possession of a valid certificate.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant has to satisfy the below criteria laid down by the Government of Andhra Pradesh to obtain caste certificate.

  • The applicant should be a citizen of Andhra Pradesh state.
  • Any citizen can apply for the caste certificate if he/she belongs to a backward community like Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), and Other Backward Categories (OBC).

Documents Required for Caste Certificate

All documents must have attested by any of the government department working gazetted officer.  The below following are the required documents need to be furnished for obtaining Andhra Pradesh caste certificate.

  • An application Form
  • Copy of Ration Card / Copy of Voter Card / Name in the Voter List (one of them)
  • A report regarding caste Patwari / Sarpanch
  • Income report
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Residence Proof
  • Caste / religion report
  • School leaving certificate/ transfer certificate
  • In the case of Women caste certificate before marriage
  • Passport Size Photograph

Fee Details

The applicant will be charged a fee of Rs. 10 to procure the certificate in Andhra Pradesh.

Processing Time

It is estimated that the certificate will be issued only after 15 days from the date of application.

Concerned Authority

The parties can approach submit the application forms relating to Caste registration services at the Integrated Service Delivery Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Applying Caste Certificate through MeeSeva

Follow the given step by step procedure for applying Caste certificate through MeeSeva centre in Andhra Pradesh is explained in detail below:

Step 1:  The applicant has to approach the nearest MeeSeva centre in their locality.

Get Application Form

Separate application forms are available for SC/BC, ST, and OBC community candidates.

Step 2: Get the application form for the caste certificate from the office and have to fill out an application form in a prescribed format.

Note: Also download the application form for the caste certificate from the official website of MeeSeva Andhra Pradesh.

OBC Certificate

The application form of Other Backward Categories (OBC) caste certificate in the PDF format is given below for the references:

Andhra Pradesh Caste Certificate

SC/BC Certificate

SC/BC applicants can use this form for obtaining SC/BC certificate. Application form for SC/BC is here.

Integrated-SC-and-BC Application Form - AP-min

ST Certificate

Application form for an integrated certificate for ST form is enclosed below for the reference:

Andhra Pradesh Caste Certificate

The candidates belonging to the ST community can use this form for applying ST Certificate in Andhra Pradesh.

Fill Application Form

Step 3: Fill the application form with appropriate details without any mistakes. Provide the given following information in the application form.

  • Name
  • Parents Name
  • Age/Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Community Details
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Household Survey Number

Step 4: Submit an application form in the prescribed format to the MeeSeva operator along with all the supporting documents.

Attach Required Documents

Step 5: After applying, the applicant has to attach the specified documents along with the application form.

Step 6: Upon submission, the user will receive a transaction number to the registered mobile number informing the details about your caste certificate on successful registration. The application has to make a note on transaction Id to check the status of the application online.

Application Processing

Step 7: MeeSeva person will forward the request for a caste certificate online to the concerned authority. The concerned Department will process the caste certificate request, and after successful verification, the authorised Government Officer will issue the Caste Certificate.

Local Enquiry

Step 8: A local enquiry will take place to verify the applicant’s residence or caste. In the case of married women, a local enquiry will be conducted at the place of residence before marriage as well as the location of residence after marriage.

Track Application Status

To check the status of the caste certificate application form proceeds as mentioned below:

  • Step 1: The application has to revisit the Meeseva portal.
  • Step 2: Enter your Transaction ID or Application number and then click on “Go.”
  • Step 3: Now the applicant can view their application status.

Note: On approving the application, then the applicant can get the caste certificate within seven days from the date of application.

Get Caste Certificate

The applicants can also download their caste certificate from the official web portal of Andhra Pradesh. Revisit any MeeSeva franchise after receiving SMS, and all details in online MeeSeva Certificate are correct. Provide your application number to MeeSeva operator, he/she will provide the caste certificate from the application repository. After that, get a printed copy of the Andhra Pradesh caste certificate.