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E-Aadhar Update, Verification & Card Status

Aadhar Application Form

Update Aadhar Card Online via Mobile

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) operate under the Planning Commission of India.

Aadhar card is a 12 digit identity which contains a combination of numbers and alphabets, provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India.

Aadhar collects and stores the biometric and demographic data of individuals in a centralized database.

E-Aadhaar is an electronic version of Aadhar card that could be downloaded online by providing an individual’s Aadhar or the enrolment ID.

India is on the verge of digitalization and a lot of improvements have been brought in place of the inbuilt government systems. The data of most citizens must be organized under one clustered database to achieve the mission of digitalization.

How to update date of birth, email, mobile number in E-Aadhar

Various modifications can be made in an Aadhar. The following are steps to change details in an E-Aadhar.

Step 1: Individual must login to Aadhaar card official website of UIDAI link to update or correct details on the Aadhaar Card.

Step 2: An OTP (One Time Password) would be sent to your registered mobile number

Step 3: Enter the OTP and the Captcha code, and click submit.

Step 4: Now select the field where the change has to be done.

Step 5: Scan and upload the proof for the changed details that has been updated.

Step 7: A URN (Update Request Number) will be generated which can be used to track the Aadhar card update process.

Step 8: You can print the receipt or download a copy containing the URN. Once updated, you can download the updated version and get your Aadhar card print out.

The individual would receive a message from the UIDAI in reference to the submission, and within few days the Aadhar card would be updated.

The online update of the Aadhar card is restricted to individuals who have registered their valid mobile number with Aadhaar. Since online transactions are OTP approved, registering the individual’s mobile number with Aadhaar is compulsory.

If he/she is using online Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) for updating, the individual must update the Demographic details (Name, Address, DoB, Gender, Mobile & Email) making sure that his / her mobile number is registered with Aadhaar while using this service.

What is an E-Aadhar Card?

An e-Aadhar card consists of a person’s biometric and demographic information. The contents of an Aadhar card is as follows:

  • Aadhar number
  • Photograph of the cardholder
  • Name of the cardholder
  • Date of birth of the cardholder
  • Address of the cardholder
  • Gender of the cardholder
  • Biometric details such as fingerprint of the individual

Benefits of E-Aadhar

  • E Aadhar card is a nation-wide identity card proving the individual’s identity and address. It is digitally certified.
  • The subsidies provided by the Government of India could be availed only if the Aadhar card is shown.
  • Passports are easily processed with an Aadhar card.
  • It is to be known that a portal named ‘Resident Portal’ had been embarked to allow individuals and Common Service Centres in Indian States to download the individual’s e-Aadhar card.

Aadhar Application Form

To enroll for an Aadhar card, the concerned person must pay a visit to the nearest enrollment center, where the related documents must to be submitted including biometric details and a photograph.

Post submission of the same an aadhar enrolment id will be provided immediately, E-Aadhar card and Aadhaar will be made available online within the stipulated date – 7 days in most cases. There is no application fee for obtaining Aadhar registration.

Aadhaar Registration explained in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Visit an Aadhar Enrolment Centre nearest to your location.

Step 2: Complete the Aadhar Application Form

Step 3: Submit the documents required like identity and address proof

Step 4: Submit biometric information like fingerprint, IRIS scan and photo

Step 5: Collect Enrolment ID

Aadhar Application Form

How to track/check e-Aadhar Card Status online?

The status of the aadhar registration can be checked online without visiting the office. It can be done in the following manner:

Step 1: Individual must log on to Aadhaar card official website of UIDAI link to check Aadhar registration status.

Note: Both Enrolment number and date & time must be mentioned. This could be found on the Aadhar card enrolment receipt.

Step 2: The security code or captcha code must be mentioned.

Step 3: Once the details are entered, click on “Check Status.”

The current status of the registration would be displayed on the screen.

How to Download e-Aadhar Card Online?

3 simple steps to download e-Aadhar card after Aadhar registration

Step 1: Visit the e-aadhar website.

E-Aadhar Download
E-Aadhar Download

Step 2: Enter the enrolment number, date and time provided in the acknowledgement slip, full name and pin code.

Step 3: Select get one time password and enter the same in the place provided. Finally, the applicant must enter the first four letters of their First name in Capitals combined with their birth year (YYYY format) to access the e-Aadhar pdf file as this is the default password.

Is e-Aadhaar card valid?

The downloaded version of the Aadhaar is a valid legal document. The card can be downloaded from the UIDAI website or from DigiLocker.