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Know Your Pan Card

The Income Tax Department has introduced a remedy for Pan Card losses or misplacement in the form of “Know your PAN”, which provides the user with all the necessary information available in the PAN Card. This article examines briefly examines this utility.

PAN Card

PAN Card is a document of identification mandated by the Income Tax Department for all taxpayers whose taxable income crosses the basic exemption limit. It consists of a 10 digit alpha-numeric number, which is uniquely assigned to every assessee. Every taxpayer must possess a PAN Card. It assists both the tax-payer and the income-tax department in their various endeavours.

Know Your PAN Card

The mechanism of “Know your PAN” is intended to serve the taxpayer by providing requisite information of the PAN Card. Know your PAN can be used by an assessee to derive the following details:

  • General details, including gender and place of residence
  • The PAN number using name and date of birth
  • Status of PAN card

Let us now examine the procedures through which the above-mentioned facilities can be utilized:

Using Know Your PAN

As a PAN cardholder, you will be able to verify your basic details in the following manner:

Step 1:- Visit the official website of the income-tax department.

Step 2:- Select the option “Register yourself”.

Step 3: Choose among the many user types, and click on “Continue”.

Step 4:- Furnish your basic details.

Step 5:- Click on “Submit”.

Step 6:- You will receive a link for activation in your e-mail account, much akin to a subscriber confirmation page that you usually receive for various services. Clicking on this link will activate the account.

This concludes the registration process. Now, let us examine the process of fetching the requisite details using your account:

Step 1:- Login to your activated account.

Step 2:- Go to “Profile Settings”.

Step 3:- Select “My Account”.

Your details will now be displayed with the following particulars:

  • PAN number
  • Name of Assessee
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Status
  • Address of Assessee

PAN Card Number

Hardly a few of us can memorize our PAN numbers, let alone recollect it. Why do it anyway when it can be identified online? You may identify your PAN number by following the procedures given below:

Step 1:- Login to the official e-filing website of income-tax.

Step 2:- Select the option “Know your PAN”.

Step 3:- Specify details pertaining to the Date of Birth or incorporation (if it is a company), surname, middle name and first name.

Step 4:- Specify the “Captcha code” that is provided on the screen.

Step 5: Click on “Submit”.

Post completion of the above procedures, the following results will be displayed:

  • Your PAN Card number.
  • Your First Name.
  • Your Middle Name.
  • Your Surname.
  • Jurisdiction.
  • The status of activity or inactivity of the Card.

PAN Card Status

Taxpayers can track the status of the PAN Card application in the e-filing website of income-tax, as well as through other convenient modes. To know about tracking the status of filed applications, click here.

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