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Section 80GGA: Tax Deductions for Donations of Scientific Research

Section 80GGA Deductions

Section 80GGA: Tax Deductions for Donations of Scientific Research

Section 80GGA of the Income Tax Act allows taxpayers to claim tax deductions for donations given to scientific research or rural development. By claiming deductions under this section, taxpayers can reduce their tax liability, contribute to benefit the nation and save money during income tax filing. Many scientific research and rural development institutions depend on individuals’ donations. Section 80GGA incentivises individuals to contribute to scientific/rural development and growth in India. This article provides you with comprehensive information regarding Section 80GGA. 

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What is Section 80GGA?

Section 80GGA offers a 100% tax deduction on donations made towards specific scientific research and rural development initiatives. This deduction is available to all individual taxpayers except those with income solely from business or profession. It aims to encourage philanthropic contributions while promoting advancements in science and development in rural areas.

What are the Donations Eligible under Section 80GGA?

Section 80GGA offers a 100% tax deduction for donations made towards specific initiatives, but it’s important to understand exactly what qualifies. The following are the eligible donation categories:

  • Scientific Research:
    • Donations to government-approved research associations engaged in scientific research.
    • Donations to universities, colleges, or other institutions for approved scientific research.
  • Rural Development:
    • Contributions to approved institutions or associations involved in:
      • Training programs for rural development initiatives.
      • Statistical or social science research related to rural development.
      • Schemes or projects approved under Section 35AC focus on rural development programs.
  • National Funds:
    • Donations to the National Fund for Scientific Research.
    • Donations to the National Fund for Rural Development.
    • Donations to the National Afforestation Fund.

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Payment Modes to get tax exemptions under Section 80GGA

Donations must be made through a valid mode of payment, such as cash, cheque, or draft. Cash donations exceeding ₹10,000 are not eligible. 100% of the amount donated are eligible for tax deductions.

Documents Required for Claiming Tax Deductions

  • Donation Receipt: This is the most crucial document. It should be a duly stamped receipt issued by the recipient institution acknowledging your donation. It must have the institution’s registered name, the taxpayer’s name, the donation amount, and the registration number given by the Income Tax department. 
  • Form 58A: This certificate is essential for claiming the 100% deduction under Section 80GGA. It must be issued by the donee (recipient institution) and contain details like your name, PAN, donation amount, and confirmation that the program/project falls under the purview of Section 80GGA.
  • Proof of Payment: While not mandatory in all cases, it’s advisable to maintain records of your donation payment, especially if the amount is significant. This could be a copy of the cheque, draft, or online transfer confirmation.

Certificates to Claim Section 80GGA deductions

For claiming deduction under Section 80GGA, the assessee is required to furnish a Form 58A certificate from the association or institution to the following effect:

  1. The rural development programme had been approved by the prescribed authority before the 1st day of March 1983.
  2. The programme involves work on any building or other structure (whether for use as a dispensary, school, training or welfare centre, workshop, or any other purpose), the laying of any road, the construction or boring of a well or tube well, or the installation of any plant or machinery, and such work commenced before the 1st day of March 1983.

In case the association is involved in training persons, the certificate must attest to the following:

  1. The prescribed authority had approved the association or institution before 1 March 1983.
  2. The association or institution started training persons to implement any rural development programme before 1 March 1983.

Form 58A Certificate

Amount paid by the assessee in the previous year to a public sector company, a local authority, or an association or institution approved by the National Committee for any eligible project or scheme. The assessee shall furnish a certificate in Form 58A from the payee under rule 11O of the Income-tax Rules, 1962.

Claiming Section 80GGA Deduction While Filing Income Tax Returns

Here are the brief steps involved in claiming the deduction:

  1. Maintain Donation Receipts: Always obtain a valid donation receipt from the recipient institution for your records.
  2. File Income Tax Return: While filing your Income Tax Return (ITR), claim the deduction under Section 80GGA.
  3. Attach Documentation: Attach the donation receipts to your ITR as proof of your contribution.


Section 80GGA offers a valuable tax benefit for individual taxpayers in India to support scientific research and rural development initiatives. By understanding the eligibility criteria, acceptable donation types, and required documentation, you can reduce your tax burden during ITR filing and contribute to worthy causes. Remember, consultations with an IndiaFilings tax advisor can provide personalized guidance for maximizing your tax benefits under Section 80GGA and other relevant sections.

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