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Karnataka Minority Certificate

Karnataka Minority Certificate

Karnataka Minority Certificate

Karnataka minority certificate is an important document for people who belong to the minority communities. The National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992 defines Minority as a smaller group representing less than half of the whole or predominant population, i.e. it’s a community which is numerically less than 50 percent of the total population. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Karnataka Minority Certificate in detail.

National Commission for Minorities Act

The National commission for Minorities act was introduced in the year 1992 by notification of Central Government in the Official Gazette. As Central Government notified six religious communities as given below is named as minority communities. When the Central government listed these communities as a minority it appears that numerical criterion was taken into consideration.

Minority Community

The list of the minority community in Karnataka is listed below:

  • Christian
  • Muslim
  • Sikh
  • Buddha
  • Parsi
  • Jain

Benefits of Obtaining Karnataka Minority Certificate

As stated above, Minority Certificate mainly helps those who belong to the minority community in availing the following advantages.

  • Reservation of seats in the Legislatures
  • Reservation in Government Service
  • Relaxation of upper age limit for applying to certain Government jobs
  • Waiving off a part or the whole of the admission fees admission to schools and colleges
  • Quotas in educational institutions
  • Scholarships
  • Government Subsidies
  • Government Schemes

To avail these privileges, a citizen belonging to a minority community must be in possession of a valid Karnataka Minority certificate.

Documents Required for Karnataka Minority Certificate

The following documents have to be furnished for obtaining Karnataka Minority Certificate.

  • School certificate/School Transfer Certificate (If Studied)
  • Ration card
  • Epic
  • Old Caste Certificate
  • Relatives Certificate & Genealogical tree if none of the documents available
  • Self Declaration by the applicant before RI (Urban)

Applicable Fee

For processing Karnataka minority certificate, a service charge of Rs.15 needs to be paid.

Prescribed Authority

The Directorate of Minorities Department is the concerned department for the issuance of Karnataka minority certificate. The applicant requesting for the minority certificate have to apply to the Tahsildar of the concerned district which is the competent authority.

Applying through Nemmadi Kendra

Procedure for applying Karnataka minority certificate through Nemmadi Kendra is explained in detailed step by step procedure below:

Step 1: Applicant needs to visit the nearest Nemmadi Kendra, for applying the Karnataka minority certificate.

Submit an Application

Step 2: The applicant has to submit an application in prescribed format along with documents for minority certificate at Nemmadi Kendra. Provide personal details, the purpose of applying for Minority Certificate, details of education, and details of the income from all sources.

Fee Payment

Step 3: Pay the applicable fee to the Nemmadi Kendra operator for processing minority certificate and issue the same. Get acknowledgement slip with application number from Nemmadi Kendra operator. Note this application number for future reference.

Minority Certificate Processing

Step 4: The request for minority certificate will be processed online through Karnataka Directorate of Minorities department. Minority certificate application status will be updated through SMS to the registered mobile number.

Step 5: The concerned authority, i.e., Tahsildar, will process the minority certificate online and after successful verification, the prescribed authority will approve the minority certificate request.

Once the request for this certificate is accepted, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number as the application has been approved.

Get Minority certificate

Once the prescribed authority approves the request, then the Karnataka minority certificate can be obtained from Nemmadi Kendra. Provide application number and get your minority certificate.

Karnataka Minority Certificate Online Application Procedure

Minority certificate can be obtained online via the Karnataka Nadakacheri website. Here is a step by step guide for getting the Karnataka Minority Certificate.

Access Nada Kacheri

Step 1: Access the home page of the Karnataka Nadakacheri website.

Step 2:  In the main page, select the online application option. The page will redirect to new page.

Step 3: In the new page enter your mobile number and click on ‘Proceed’, the link will direct to another page.

Image 2 Karnataka Minority Certificate
Image 2 Karnataka Minority Certificate

Step 4: Select ‘New Request’ tabs that drops down a list of services from which select the option ‘Minority Certificate’ Services.

Nada Kacheri Login

Provide Details

Step 5: On selection, the application form for Karnataka minority certificate will be shown. Provide the following details in the application.

  • Select the Jurisdiction Where the application is to be processed
  • Name of the applicant
  • Permanent address
  • Purpose of applying for Minority Certificate
  • Minority class
Image 4 Karnataka Minority Certificate
Image 4 Karnataka Minority Certificate

Upload Documents

Step 6: By clicking on upload required to scan documents option, you can upload all the prescribed documents. Click on save after uploading documents.

Image 5 Karnataka Minority Certificate
Image 5 Karnataka Minority Certificate

Note: Upload only valid PDF files, not exceeding 2MB.

Make Payment

Step 7: You can make fee payment online by a secured payment gateway, through Karnataka online page.

Step 8: The payment can be made directly to the Government online account and subsequently the applicable fee will be transferred to concerned Treasury.

Step 9: After a successful payment, a receipt will be generated, and the task will be redirected to the concerned Tahsildar login.

Note: Kindly keep this reference number; it can be used for further reference.

Status of Application

Once an application for minority certificate is submitted online and prescribed fees are paid, concerned officer will process the minority certificate and issue the same. You can track the application status online via Karnataka Nadakacheri Portal.

Image 6 Karnataka Minority Certificate
Image 6 Karnataka Minority Certificate

Provide application number and click on seek out option; minority certificate application status will be displayed.

View and Download Karnataka Minority Certificate

Once the concerned authority approves the request, the minority certificate will be digitally signed by Tahsildar. Approved certificate number will be updated through registered mail ID and mobile number.

You can download and print digitally signed Karnataka minority certificate from the Karnataka Nada Kacheri portal. Provide application number and click on submit. After verifying the details in the certificate, download and print minority certificate.

Image 7 Karnataka Minority Certificate
Image 7 Karnataka Minority Certificate

Contact Information:

For further relevant queries, contact the following.

  • Atalji Janasnehi Directorate, SSLR Building, K R Circle, Bangalore-560001
  • Phone No.: 080-22214556/22214552/22214551
  • E-mail ID: [email protected]

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