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GST ARN Status – Track GST Application Status With ARN 


GST ARN Status – Track GST Application Status With ARN 

Have you recently completed a GST registration for your business? If so, you should have received an Application Reference Number (ARN), a vital tool for tracking the status of your GST registration application. If you’re unsure how to use this number to monitor your application’s progress, this article will guide you through the process.

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GST Registration

GST Registration is the process by which a business becomes registered under India’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) system. Once registered, the business is legally recognized as a supplier of goods or services and must collect GST on sales and remit it to the government. This registration is essential for businesses whose turnover exceeds a specific threshold. To obtain GST registration, the applicant must apply to the GST authorities. Upon successful registration, the business is assigned a unique identification number, known as the GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number), which is crucial for all GST-related transactions and compliance activities.

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What is the GST ARN Number?

The GST ARN number, standing for Application Reference Number, is an automatically generated identifier on the GST Portal after submitting a GST registration application. This unique number serves as a key tool for applicants, allowing them to track the progress of their GST registration application. The process continues until the government issues the GST Certificate and GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number).

The ARN number is crucial for applicants to monitor the status of their application and to receive updates regarding their GST registration.

Decoding the GST ARN

The ARN is a unique alphanumeric code, typically 15 characters long, incorporating both letters and numbers. The composition of this number is thoughtfully structured: it starts with two alphabetical characters, followed by the Indian state code represented in two numerical digits. Subsequently, four characters signify the month and year of registration. The sequence culminates in a six-digit number, the last digit of which serves as a checksum.

A typical ARN, for example, will have the following format: AA 01 02 20 000000 1

ARN Number Generation Process

The ARN Number Generation Process is as follows:

  • Submission of GST Registration Application: An applicant begins by submitting their GST registration application through the GST Portal. This is typically done by filling out the necessary details and uploading the documents on the portal.
  • Completion of Application: Once the application is completed and all mandatory fields are filled, the applicant submits it online.
  • Automatic Generation of ARN: Upon successful submission of the GST registration application, the GST Portal automatically generates an Application Reference Number (ARN).
  • Receipt of ARN: The ARN is then communicated to the applicant, usually via email, or it can be noted directly from the GST Portal immediately after submission.
  • Use of ARN for Tracking: This ARN number is crucial as it allows the applicant to track the status of their GST registration application on the GST Portal until the final GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) and GST Certificate are issued by the government.

Why is an ARN Number Considered So Important?

The ARN number in the context of GST (Goods and Services Tax) is highly important for several reasons:

  • Proof of Application Submission: The ARN number is generated immediately after submitting a GST registration application, proving that the application has been successfully submitted to the GST portal.
  • Tracking Application Status: It enables businesses and individuals to track the real-time status of their GST registration application. This feature is useful to keep abreast of the application’s progress and required actions.
  • Interim Business Identifier: Until the GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) is issued, the ARN number acts as an interim identifier for business transactions. This is crucial for businesses to continue their operations without hindrance during the registration process.
  • Facilitating Communication with Tax Authorities: The ARN number is a key reference in communications with tax authorities regarding the GST registration. It helps in the efficient and quick resolution of queries or issues.
  • Validation of Application Details: The ARN references the details submitted in the GST registration application, ensuring that the information is processed and validated correctly by the tax authorities.
  • Essential for Further GST Procedures: For any subsequent modifications, updates, or inquiries about GST registration, the ARN number is often required. It is integral to the continuation of various GST-related procedures.

In essence, the ARN number is a critical component in the GST registration process, playing a vital role in tracking, validating, and facilitating the application until the final issuance of the GSTIN.

Procedure for Tracking ARN to Check GST Registration Application Status Without Logging In

Follow these steps to check the status of your GST Application or GST Registration without needing to log into the GST portal:

  • Go to the GST Portal and navigate to ‘Services’ > ‘Registration’ > ‘Track Application Status’.
  • Select “Registration” from the dropdown menu under the Module category in the’ Track Application Status’ section, as shown in the example screenshot.
  • Input the ARN (Application Reference Number) or SRN (Service Request Number) sent to your email after submitting the GST Registration application. Additionally, enter the Captcha code and click on SEARCH.
  • The SRN is generated upon filing a GST registration application on the MCA portal. The application’s progress is indicated through color-coded phases. For instance, the current phase will be highlighted in green until completed and then turn grey.

The ARN can display various statuses.

Procedure for Checking GST Registration Application Status Using ARN After Logging In

After logging in, taxpayers can track the status of various applications, such as new registrations, amendments, or cancellations, on the GST portal. This method is particularly useful for tracking applications other than first-time GST registrations.

Here’s how to check the application status using the GST portal:

  • Log in to the GST portal and navigate Services > Track Application Status.
  • Select “Registration” from the dropdown menu under the Module category in the’ Track Application Status’ section.
  • You can track the application status using the ARN (Application Reference Number), SRN (Service Request Number), or the submission date.
  • To access the acknowledgement, click on the “download” hyperlink.

This feature allows registered users to easily monitor the progress of various GST-related applications and stay updated on their status, enhancing the overall management of GST compliance.

What does each GST registration status mean?

The ARN (Application Reference Number) status in the GST system provides important insights into the current stage of a GST registration application. Here are the different types of ARN statuses and their meanings:

Form Assigned to Approving Officer: This status indicates that the GST application has been assigned to a government officer for processing. The application is currently under review by the officer.

  • Pending for Clarification: This status appears when the processing officer has requested additional information or clarification regarding the GST registration application. Applicants should respond to these queries promptly through the GST Portal.
  • Clarification Filed – Pending for Order: This status is displayed when the applicant has provided the required clarification for the concerns raised by the GST Officer. The application is under review, and an order for registration is expected soon.
  • Clarification NOT Filed – Pending for Order: This status shows up when the applicant has not provided the requested clarification within the specified timeframe. In such cases, the GST Officer will likely pass an order rejecting the GST registration application.
  • Application Approved: When this status is displayed, the GST Officer has approved the GST registration application. The applicant will soon receive their GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) and the GST registration certificate.
  • Application Rejected: This status indicates that the GST Officer has rejected the GST registration application. If the applicant still requires GST registration, they will need to reapply.

Understanding these ARN statuses helps applicants to track their application’s progress and take necessary actions if required, ensuring a smoother registration process.

Documents to Have Before Checking GST Registration Status Using ARN

To efficiently check your GST registration status using the ARN (Application Reference Number), it’s crucial to have certain documents readily available. These include:

  • Identification and address proof for all directors or partners.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) / Articles of Association (AOA).
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Deed of Partnership (for partnership firms).
  • PAN card of the business organization or individual.
  • I cancelled the cheque with the account holder’s name, IFSC code, MICR, and bank branch details.
  • Rent agreement or electricity bill for proof of business location.

Key Considerations and Additional Steps for Checking GST ARN Status

When checking the GST Application ARN status on the GST portal, there are several other factors to consider:

  • Access to Provisional Registration Certificate: Taxpayers who have received their ARN can access it from the ‘Download Certificates’ section on the GST portal.
  • Incomplete Submission: If a taxpayer saves the enrolment form but doesn’t submit it with a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), EVC, or e-Sign, the ARN will be sent to their registered email in case of validation failure. Taxpayers can then log back into the portal to correct any errors, details of which are communicated via registered email.
  • Completion of Enrolment Form: Taxpayers who have partially completed the enrolment form can log into the GST portal on the specified date to complete the remaining sections of the form.
  • New Registrations for Existing Taxpayers: Existing taxpayers wishing to register under GST can submit a new application through the GST portal.

Thus, the ARN number holds significant importance beyond checking the GST Application status. Taxpayers should keep it secure as it may be required for various purposes within the GST framework.


Understanding how to check your GST registration status online simplifies the process significantly, allowing you to manage it independently. Should you encounter any challenges, the experts at IndiaFilings are readily available to assist you in resolving them promptly.

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