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How to Reply GST Notice Online?


How to Reply GST Notice Online?

A GST notice is an official communication from tax authorities regarding potential issues with your GST filing. Ensure a prompt and proper response to this notice helps you to avoid penalties. To reply GST notice online, log in to the GST portal, navigate to the “Services > User Services > View Notices and Orders” section, and click the “Reply” option available for the specific notice. This initiates the online response process, allowing you to address the issues raised by the tax authorities within the stipulated timeframe. This article will give detailed information and instructions regarding the GST Notice reply.

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What is a GST Notice?

A GST notice is a formal communication issued by the Indian tax authorities to a business registered under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime. These notices serve as a way for the department to inform taxpayers about discrepancies or non-compliance with GST regulations. They can address various situations, ranging from late or incomplete GST return filings to unpaid taxes or excessive input tax credit claims (ITC). Responding to these notices timely and accurately is crucial for businesses to avoid penalties, ensure a smooth tax filing process, and maintain compliance with the tax department.

What are the Reasons for GST Notice?

The following are the 9 major reasons you will rece the GST Notice,

1. Non-filing or Delayed Filing of GST Returns: Timely filing of GST returns (like GSTR-1 GSTR-3B) is crucial. Missing deadlines or neglecting to file can trigger a notice from the tax department.

2. Discrepancies in Input Tax Credit (ITC) Claims: ITC allows businesses to claim credit for taxes paid on purchases. However, inconsistencies can arise, such as:

  • Excess ITC claims: Claiming more credit than supported by invoices.
  • Mismatched ITC claims: Discrepancies between the ITC claimed in GSTR-3B and the supplier’s GSTR-2A.

3. Mismatch in GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B: GSTR-1 reports outward supplies, while GSTR-3B summarises tax liability and ITC. Inconsistencies between these returns can raise red flags for the GST authorities. 

4. Errors in Tax Payment: Incorrect calculations or underpayment of GST can lead to notices. This includes:

  • Miscalculations in tax computations.
  • Misclassification of goods or services
  • Misinterpretation of tax rates

5. Non-compliance with E-way Bill Requirements: E-way bills are mandatory for transporting goods exceeding a threshold value. Failure to generate e-way bills or non-compliance with regulations can invite scrutiny. 

6. High-Value Transactions: Transactions exceeding certain thresholds receive closer attention from the authorities, especially those involving significant ITC or tax liabilities. Discrepancies in such transactions can lead to notices and audits. 

7. Mismatch in GSTIN or PAN: Simple administrative errors like incorrect GST Identification Number (GSTIN) or Permanent Account Number (PAN) can also result in GST notices. Ensure accuracy and cross-verification with the GST database. 

8. Non-compliance with GST Audit: Certain businesses are subject to mandatory GST audits. Failure to comply with audit requirements or submit reports within the specified timeframe can attract Goods and service tax notices and penalties. 

9. Inconsistencies in Reporting: Disparities between information reported in different filings can trigger notices. This includes:

  • GSTR-1 vs e-way bill portal: The outward supplies declared in GSTR-1 and the details on the e-way bill portal are inconsistent.
  • GSTR-1 vs ICEGATE: Discrepancies between export details reported in GSTR-1 and information available on the ICEGATE portal for customs clearance. 

Types of GST Notice

The following table captures the Types of GST notices, their descriptions, how to respond, and the time limit for replying.

Sl. No. Type of GST Notice Description How to Respond Time Limit
1 GSTR-3A (Default Notice) For taxpayers who haven’t filed GST returns File missing returns with penalty and interest (if applicable) 15 days of receiving notice
2 CMP-05 (Show Cause Notice for Composition Dealer) Questions about eligibility to be a composition dealer Respond via CMP-06 justifying eligibility 15 days of receiving SCN
3 REG-03 (Clarification Notice for Registration) Seeks clarification on information provided during registration Clarify information through a reply letter in REG-04 7 days of receiving notice
4 REG-17 (Show Cause Notice for Cancellation) Asks for reason why GST registration shouldn’t be cancelled Submit a reply letter in REG-18 justifying why registration shouldn’t be revoked 7 days of receiving notice
5 REG-23 (Show Cause Notice for Termination) Seeks clarification on why GST registration termination should stand Reply through letter in REG-24 7 days of receiving notice
6 REG-27 (Application for Transfer Notice) Issued if application not filed after provisional registration or incomplete information provided Apply using form REG-26 and appear before GST authorities As per the specified timeframe
7 PCT-03 (Show Cause Notice for Misconduct) Issued for misconduct by a GST practitioner Respond within the mentioned time following SCN instructions As mentioned in the SCN
8 RFD-08 (Show Cause Notice for Refund) Asks why a claimed GST refund should not be denied Respond through RFD-09 reply letter 15 days of receiving SCN
9 ASMT-02 (Provisional Assessment Notice) Requests additional information for provisional GST assessment Respond within 15 days using form ASMT-03 with the requested documents 15 days of receiving notice
10 ASMT-06 (Final Assessment Notice) Requests additional information for final GST assessment Respond within 15 days using form ASMT-07 with the requested documents 15 days of receiving notice
11 ASMT-10 (Discrepancy Notice) Highlights discrepancies in submitted GST returns Reply in form ASMT-11 explaining the reason for discrepancies Within the timeframe mentioned in the notice (usually 30 days)
12 ASMT-14 (Show Cause Notice for Best Judgment Assessment) Issued for assessment under Section 63 based on the department’s best judgment Reply in writing using form ASMT-15 and appear before the GST authority 15 days of receiving SCN
13 ADT-01 (Audit Notice) Informs about an upcoming GST audit Appear in person as mentioned in the notice or provide relevant documents As per the specified time limit
14 RVN-01 (Revision Order Notice) Issued before a revision order on appeals is passed Reply within the mentioned time using form RVN-02 and/or attend before the GST authority 7 working days of receiving notice
15 Enquiry Notice by Directorate of Anti-Profiteering Seeks information from all parties involved when a supplier fails to pass on ITC benefit Cooperate with proceedings and provide all necessary evidence As mentioned in the notice
16 DRC-01 (Show Cause Notice for Demand) Issued for demanding short-paid or unpaid tax Respond using form DRC-03 and pay the demanded tax (with interest and penalty if applicable) 30 days of receiving notice
17 DRC-10 & DRC-17 (Demand Order and Recovery Notices) Relate to the demand order for recovery and the execution of the decree Pay the outstanding demand as per form DRC-09 within a specified timeframe As mentioned in the notice (at least 15 days after notification)
18 DRC-11 (Successful Bidder Notice) Issued to the successful bidder in an auction for recovery of tax dues Make full payment of the bid amount within 15 days of the auction 15 days of the auction
19 DRC-13 (Third-Party Recovery Notice) Issued to recover outstanding tax from a third party Pay the amount as per the notice and respond using form DRC-14 NA
20 DRC-16 (Attachment and Sale Notice) Informs about attachment and potential sale of property or shares to recover tax dues You cannot transfer or charge the products NA

How to view or download the Notices issued by the GST officer?

The GST portal provides a convenient way to access notices issued by the GST officer. Here’s a step-by-step instructions:

  • Step 1: Access the GST Portal – Visit the official GST portal
  • Step 2: Log in with your Credentials – Enter your valid login credentials (username and password) for the GST portal.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the “Notices and Orders” Section – You can access notices and orders through two options:
    • Option 1: Using the Services Menu
      • Click on the Services tab on the dashboard.
      • Select User Services from the dropdown menu.
      • Choose View Notices and Orders.
    • Option 2: Using the Dashboard Button
      • Look for a button labelled View Notices and Orders directly on the dashboard. Click on this button.
  • Step 4: View and Download Notices –  The system will display all notices and orders issued to you by the GST department during the past year. These will be presented chronologically, with the most recent notices appearing first.

How to reply to GST notice online properly?

Here’s a step-by-step process for replying to a GST notice online:

1. Accessing the GST Portal

  • Visit the official GST portal
  • Log in using your valid GST registration login credentials (username, password, and Captcha).

2. Locating the Notice

  • Once logged in, navigate to the Dashboard.
  • Under Services, select User Services.
  • Click on View Additional Notices/Orders.

This section displays all notices issued by the tax department to your taxpayer identification number (GSTIN).

3. Reviewing the Notice Details

  • Click on the “Document” hyperlink associated with the specific notice you want to respond to. This will download the notice for your reference.
  • Carefully review the content of the notice. This includes understanding the nature of the notice, the specific issue raised by the department, and the due date for reply.

4. Preparing Your Reply

  • Depending on the type of notice, your reply may involve furnishing additional information, clarifying discrepancies, or contesting the department’s claims.
  • Gather relevant documents and evidence to support your response. This could include invoices, purchase orders, bank statements, or other documentation that strengthens your case.
  • If the notice is complex or requires in-depth analysis, it’s advisable to consult with our IndiaFilings tax professional.

5. Submitting Your Reply Online

  • Once you have prepared your response, locate the “Reply” button for the specific notice in the “Due date of Reply” column.
  • Clicking “Reply” will open a new window to draft your response.
  • The system might pre-populate details like the reference number and refund application details (if applicable).
  • Carefully draft your reply, ensuring it is clear and concise and addresses all the points raised in the notice.
  • Attach any supporting documents you intend to submit along with your reply.
  • Once satisfied with your response, digitally sign it using your DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) or e-signature.
  • Submit the reply online.

Important Note: Retain a copy of the submitted reply and supporting documents for your records.

Consequences of not replying to the GST Notice

Failing to respond to a GST Notice issued by the GST officer can lead to adverse consequences for taxpayers. These consequences may include imposing penalties for non-compliance, potential delays in processing requests or resolving issues, and, in severe cases, escalation to legal action to recover dues or even cancellation of GST registration. Therefore, taxpayers must take quick action upon receiving a GST Notice.


In conclusion, a GST notice is an official communication from tax authorities regarding potential issues with your GST filing. Responding promptly and accurately to this notice is important to avoid penalties and ensure a smooth resolution. The article provided a comprehensive guide on how to access and respond to GST notices online. Remember, timely action is key to resolving GST discrepancies and maintaining a compliant tax record.

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