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Tripura Domicile Certificate


Tripura Domicile Certificate

The Government of Tripura issues domicile certificate also known as the permanent residence certificate, for persons who have applied for it claiming to be the resident of the state or intends to make his/ her permanent residence in that State. The motive of citizens applying for a domicile certificate is to claim their rights and avail the benefits of the state since the residents of the same are usually preferred. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Tripura domicile certificate.

Eligibility Criteria

The individual applying for the Tripura domicile certificate should comply with the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Any person who has been residing in a village/town of Tripura for at least 10 years is eligible to apply for a domicile certificate therein.
  2. The applicant should produce a copy of Record of Rights (RoR) of the residential plot owned by either him, his parents or ancestors.
  3. Woman who does not belong to Tripura but any other State or Union Territory can apply for the residence certificate if married a permanent resident of that State.
  4. Offspring of an individual who is not from Tripura but residing in the state working as a government employee of Tripura is also eligible to request for this certificate.

Note: A person can possess a domicile Certificate of only one State/UT. Acquiring a domicile certificate from more than one State/UT will be an offence.

Documents Required

The applicant should enclose the documents mentioned below while applying offline, whereas online application requires scanned copies of the same.

  • Application form
  • Land Revenue Payment Receipt on the applicant or his/her Parent’s name
  • Certified Copy of Electoral Roll depicting the applicant’s name
  • Residency Proof

If the parent of the applicant is a government employee of Tripura:

  • Residency Proof of the Guardian
  • Guardians Proof of Employment with Government of Tripura
  • Guardians Employer Certificate

If the applicant is married to a permanent resident of Tripura

  • Residency Proof of Applicants Spouse (Permanent Residence Tripura Certificate of the spouse)
  • Applicants Birth Proof (Birth Registration Certificate or school leaving education certificate from a recognized institute of the applicant)

Note: Except for the application form, the photocopies of other documents are accepted, and attestation of the documents is also not mandatory.

Application Procedure

To get the domicile certificate, the applicant can make an application in two modes; offline and online.

Offline Process:

Step 1: The applying person can visit e-suvidha centres at the offices of Sub Divisional Magistrates located in the areas where the applicant permanently resides and should get the form. Otherwise, download the form from the copy given below.

Tirupura Domicile Certificate Application Form

Step 2: On collecting the form, the candidate should properly fill the necessary details and should submit together with the prescribed documents.

Step 3: The applicant can collect the acknowledgement slip after paying the application fee on any working day. The receipt contains a date printed upon which is the delivery date of the certificate.

Step 4: The concerned authority initiates an enquiry on the receipt of the application by the appropriate Tehsildar/Revenue Inspector/ Sub Magistrate.

Step 5: After verification, the Sub Divisional Magistrate will issue the Permanent Residence Tripura Certificate.

Online Process

The candidate can apply online by visiting the official website of e-District Tripura from their respective places, kiosks, or e-suvidha centres where an internet connection is available.

e-District Tripura is an online portal of Tripura government that caters its citizens with a range of online services.

Step 1: e-District Registration

Registering in e-District is a prerequisite to avail the online services of the Tripura government. To register, visit the official website and click ‘Citizen Registration’ under Citizen Section on the Home Page that directs to the registration page.


Step 2: Fill-out the essential details that include the following.

  • Personal Details (name, address, mobile number)
  • e-KYC details (requires Aadhaar number)
  • Login Details (username and password)

Step 3: Enter the captcha and click ‘Submit’ after verifying.

Step 4: Online Application login

With the login credential, sign in to the portal containing the application form.


Step 5: Fill in the form, upload the scanned documents and submit

Step 6: The status of the application will be intimated to the applicant through SMS.

Step 7: On successful processing, the applicant will be notified of the delivery date on which he/she should visit the office with the acknowledgement receipt.

Step 8: The authorized operator will log in the portal, retrieve the digitally signed certificate, print it and will grant to the person.

Step 9: The status will be updated as ‘Delivered’. In the case of Rejection of the application, the applicant will be informed of the reason for rejection.

Service Charge

Processing of the application form for Permanent Residence Tripura Certificate (PRTC) includes a service charge of Rs.5 for Above Poverty Level (APL) and Rs.2 for Below Poverty Level (BPL).

Processing Time

On submission of the application form, the certificate will be delivered to the applicant within 15 days that excludes government holidays.

Competent Authority

The Revenue Department is the concerned department for the issuance of the certificate, and the District Magistrate/ Additional District Magistrate/ Sub-Divisional Magistrate of the area where the candidate and/or his family permanently reside(s) is the competent issuing authority.


Revenue Department,

Government of Tripura,

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