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Tripura Land Mutation

Tripura Land Mutation

Tripura Land Mutation

Tripura land mutation refers to the registration of the name of the landowner in the Record of Right, i.e. the process of transferring the title ownership of land/property from one person to another. The Tripura Land Revenue and Land Reforms Rules, 1961 governs the process of land mutation in Tripura. Land mutation is a crucial process in all legal transactions involving land. Through mutating a land, the owner will acquire the rights of the property, and the land details will be revised in the revenue record as well as in the Mutation Register.  This article examines the procedure to apply for Tripura land mutation in detail.

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Land Revenue and Land Reforms Rules, 1961

As mentioned above, Land Revenue and Land Reforms Rules, 1961 moderates the process of land mutation in the state. The process of land mutation will be completed on payment of a conversion fee.

Prescribed Authority for Land Mutation

The Revenue inspector will be competent to order, in respect of the land situated within his territorial jurisdiction, Tripura land mutation and the power to decide the disputed case of mutation is:

  • Deputy Collector
  • Revenue inspector
  • Assistant survey officer
  • Kanungo (during revision survey)

Importance of Land Mutation

Land mutation is one of the essential processes in all legal transactions involving land or property. As stated above, by mutating a land the new owner gets the revenue records on his name. Once the land is mutated, mutation details will be updated in the Mutation register further to Tripura revenue records maintained by the State Government. Mutation Document will be issued to the applicant.

  • Mutation report is one of the mandatory documents to fix the land or property tax payment liabilities
  • Mutation document is an essential proof for ownership of a particular land/property
  • For selling a property, the owner should have to furnish mutation document to the buyer for verification

If the land is jointly owned, then the mutation certificate or document will be provided with all names of the co-owners.

Documents Required

Documents mentioned below are needed to be submitted for completing Tripura land mutation process.

  • Application form
  • Photograph of the applicant (owner)
  • Address Proof – Ration card
  • Identity Proof – Aadhaar Card or Voter ID can be furnished
  • Copies of property documents – Deeds or Khaitan
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Tax Payment receipt

In case of Will

In addition to all above mentioned supporting documents, following documents will have to be submitted for completing Tripura land mutation in case of the will of a property.

User Charge for Land Mutation

User charge for completing the Tripura Land Mutation process is given in the table.

S.No Service Existing Rate Enhanced Rate Share of the Society Share of the State Government
1 Land Mutation Rs.15 Rs.50 Rs.25 Rs.25

Note: The entire amount collected as user charge in mutation cases in the prescribed rate mentioned above will be deposited to the state Government under Head of Account through challan; subsequently finance Department will release a share of the society on a quarterly basis.   

Tripura Land Mutation Application Procedure – Offline Method

Tripura Land Mutation application procedure is explained in detail below:

Complete Property Registration

Step 1: Complete the registration process of the property & get the sale deed from concerned sub-registrar office.

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Provide Details in Application

Step 2: The applicant, i.e. the person reporting will have to fill up an application form in a prescribed format.

Tripura Land Mutation

Note: The applicant, only need to fill up columns 1 to 8, and other columns will be filled in due course by the officer concerned. The following details will have to be entered in the application.

  • Name & Address of seller
  • District
  • Taluk and Village
  • Survey number of the land (Both old & new to be mentioned)
  • Name of buyer
  • Other details related to property registration

Step 3: Any person who prays for mutation of name in the record of rights will also state in the report that the lands already held by him or any numbers of his family as raiyat or mortgage with possession.

Access Registrar Office

Step 4: Submit the application form along with all supporting documents to the Registrar office.

Step 5: On submission of application, the village accountant will acknowledge receipt of the report by making over the counter-foil duly filled in, signed and dated.

Revenue Officer Verification

Before sanctioning the mutation, the authority concerned will satisfy itself that the acquisition in pursuance of which mutation is sought is not in contravention of any of the provisions of this Tripura Land Revenue and Land Reforms Rules.

  • Physical verification & measurement of the property will be done based on the Registered Deed.
  • It is to check if there any unresolved disputes with any of the neighbours regarding borders, any other disputes concerning the property.

Intimation about mutation

The intimation will be given by sending a copy of the report along with a copy of the entry made.

Acknowledgement of objection

The acknowledgement will be given of the objection in the prescribed format.

Get Mutation Document

After proper verification of property, the Revenue-officer will change the name of the property from seller to buyer. The buyer will be provided with a new ROR, and the property details will be updated to the existing ROR.

Note: The record of rights may write after every five years or such more extended period as the Collector may decide after scrutiny of the record.

The new owner of the property will have to pay all taxes under the new ROR in his name at the respective office.

Applying for Tripura Land Mutation through NLRMP

Online application procedure for getting mutation document through online in Tripura is explained in step by step procedure here.

Step 1:  Access the home page of the Department of Revenue – NRLMP for online application of mutation.

Step 2: From the NLRMP home page, click on Mutation Online option. The link will be directed to the new page.

Image 1 Tripura Land Mutation
Image 1 Tripura Land Mutation

Step 3: In the new page, select District, Sub Division, Revenue Circle, Tehsil and Mouja from the drop-down menu.

Image 2 Tripura Land Mutation
Image 2 Tripura Land Mutation

Step 4: Once you selected the details, the new option for applying mutation will be displayed. You can apply for mutation using Deed number or Survival number.

Image 3 Tripura Land Mutation
Image 3 Tripura Land Mutation

Step 5: Enter the number and click on apply, the page will be redirected to the new page. Provide details for application.

Step 6: Upload document and the photo of the applicant. By clicking on save button, details will be saved in NRLMP.

Step 7: After providing details click on Make payment option. Provide mutation charges online through net banking.

Step 8: After successful payment of mutation charges, click on Submit. The mutation application will be forwarded online to the concerned authority.

Step 9: An Acknowledgement slip will be displayed, note the Mutation Registration number for future reference.

Step 10: Concerned authority will process the application and after physical verification of land issue Mutation order.

Mutation Status

The applicant can check the status of mutation application by visiting the NLRMP portal. Click on Know Mutation Status option from the portal.

Image 4 Tripura Land Mutation
Image 4 Tripura Land Mutation

The page will redirect to a new page. Provide following details to know the status of the application.

  • District
  • Sub Division
  • Tehsil
  • Mouja
  • Mutation Registration number
Image 5 Tripura Land Mutation
Image 5 Tripura Land Mutation

After providing the captcha code, click on search. The mutation number with the owner will be displayed.

Image 6 Tripura Land Mutation
Image 6 Tripura Land Mutation

Click on the Mutation number, details of Tripura land mutation will be displayed. Take a print of the document, and it can be used for all purposes mentioned above.