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Tripura Death Certificate


Tripura Death Certificate

The birth and death of a person must be officially documented for fulfilling various legal obligations under the “Registration of Births and Deaths Act” of 1969. The demise of a person must be reported within 21 days of its occurrence, post which the certificate is provided. The certificate declares the date, time, and cause of the event. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Tripura death certificate in detail.

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Reasons to Obtain

Death certificate primarily serves its purpose in reviewing the cause of death and providing a prima facie evidence of the event. This documentary proof must be produced by a legal heir to claim benefits such as insurance and pension benefits.  Also, the document is required for the settlement of property inheritance.

Registration Responsibilities

The responsibilities of registration of death vary according to its place of occurrence. The provisions for the same are below:

S.No Place of Occurrence Authorized Personnel
1 Hospital, health centre, maternity home, and other similar facilities The concerned medical officer or any other authorized personnel
2 Jail Person-in-charge
3 Hostel, boarding or lodging house The proprietor
4 Moving vehicle Person-in-charge of the vehicle
5 House The head of the family or the closest relative

Application Procedure

Follow the below procedure to obtain the death certificate in Tripura.

Step 1:- Download the Application Form

First things first, download the application form from the official website of the Government of Tripura.

Step 2:- Enter Details

Enter the essential details demanded in the form.

Step 3:- File the Application  

You may now apply to the nearest e-suvidha centres located in the offices of Sub-Divisional Magistrate, or other authorizes nominated for this purpose.

This concludes the application procedure. It may be noted that delayed registrations must be supported with an affidavit from the judicial magistrate. Delay in applying might even prompt the concerned authority to perform a Field Enquiry to authenticate the merit of the application.

Authorized Personnel

The District Magistrate and Collectors will issue the income certificate in Tripura. The applicant can alternatively obtain the same from the Sub-Divisional Magistrates, Block Development Officers, executive officers of Agartala Municipality, Town Panchayats, and authorized authorities of State/District/Sub-Divisional Hospitals.

The following are the various bodies for registration:

  • E-suvidha Centres in the Office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrates
  • Municipality
  • State, district, and sub-divisional hospitals

Required Documents

The applicant must furnish the following document:

  • Citizenship proof of any of the parents.
  • Certificate of Pradhan
  • Certificate of the medical authority
  • Tehsil enquiry

Cases of Prolonged Missing

The rulebook conveys that a person is considered dead if he/she is missing for seven years. The competent court/authority confirms the presumption by using oral and documentary evidence.

Timeline of Issue

Within 10-12 days of submission, the applicant can receive the certificate. Delayed applications or for that matter any serious criminal issues may go through a few scrutinization procedures. Such applications might even take six weeks. Delayed issues are mostly done away with, considering the pressing needs of the legal heirs or family members of the deceased.