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Tripura Birth Certificate


Tripura Birth Certificate

Birth registration is an obligation to be rendered to a child upon birth, without which the little one could be deprived of identity, protection, and access to basic rights or services in the prospective years. A birth certificate obtained through registration must be held by every member of a family, and thereby every citizen of a country. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Tripura birth certificate in detail.

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Designated Personnel

The birth of a child must be registered within 21 days of the event. The following personnel can don the responsibility:

Place of Birth Authorized Personnel
Hospital, health centre, maternity home, nursing home or other similar facilities The concerned medical officer or any other person authorized on his/her behalf
Jail The concerned jailer
Hostel, boarding/lodging house, and the likes of it Person In-charge
Moving vehicle Person In-charge of the vehicle
Found deserted in a public place Headman of the village/the concerned police officer of the jurisdiction
House Head of the household or nearest relative

Authorized Personnel

Birth registration in Tripura is vested with the respective District Magistrate and Collectors. The Sub-Divisional Magistrates/Block Development Officers, Executive Officers of Agartala Municipality/Nagar Panchayats and the concerned authorities of State/District/Sub-Divisional Hospitals may also extend their services in this respect.

The following bodies are designated for this purpose:

  • E-Suvidha Centres in the Office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrates
  • Municipality
  • State, district, and Sub-Divisional Hospitals

Documents Required

The application form must be supported by the following documents:

  • Proof of the citizenship of either of the parents
  • Marriage and birth certificate of the parents
  • Certificate of Pradhan
  • Certificate of the concerned medical authority
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of residence
  • Tehsil enquiry
  • Birth notice form
  • Order of any magistrate

Application Procedure

 Step 1:- Application

The applicant needs to file an application for registration of birth and obtaining the certificate at the e-Suvidha Centres located in the Offices of the Sub-Divisional Magistrates. The application may also be furnished to any of the other authorities specified for this purpose. The applicant must be supported with the essential documents.

Step 2:- Acknowledgment Receipt

The applicant will be provided with an Acknowledgment Receipt for the same that conveys the date of issue of the certificate.

No online procedure has thus far been specified for birth registration. A copy of the application form has been herewith attached for your reference.

Certificate of Birth

Delayed Registration

If the registration is pursued after the allotted period of 21 days, the applicant is required to obtain an affidavit from the Judicial Magistrate specifying the date and place of birth. The affidavit so obtained must be furnished with the other applications. Delayed registrations will incur a fee of Rs. 2, which can increase to Rs. 5 if it is not pursued within 30 days. Registration after a year’s time will invite a late fee charge of Rs. 10.

For Rural Inhabitants

The documentary regulation for the rural residents of the state isn’t any different from that of the urban populous. However, registration in the rural areas must be completed within 15 days, as against the 21 day period in other locales. Any delay in pursuing the registration within this time frame will incur a late fee of Rs. 5.

The application procedure for the rural areas of Tripura has been herewith elaborated:

Step 1:- Application Form

The concerned citizen must make an application to the Pradhan/Aksha of the particular village by visiting the Gram Panchayat office.

Step 2:- Entry in Birth Register

 The application is forwarded to the Panchayat Secretary, who is required to make an entry of the Birth in the village birth register.

Step 3:- Addressing to BDO

The Panchayat secretary forwards the register and application format to the BDO.

Step 4:- Endorsement of Application

The concerned Panchayat Officer endorses the application, which is followed by the BDO’s approval.

Step 5:- The Mark of Approval  

The BDO signs the certificate and birth register, thereby concluding the registration process.