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Rajasthan Marriage Registration

Marriages that are performed in the State of Rajasthan are governed by the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or Special Marriage Act 1954. In Rajasthan, marriages can be registered online or through the Registrar offices. On registering a marriage, a certificate will be issued. In this article, we will look at the process for Rajasthan marriage registration and the procedure for obtaining Rajasthan marriage certificate in detail.

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

As per the rules of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, the bride and the groom should satisfy the following conditions:

  • Marriages performed under Hindu customs
  • Bride and Groom should be Hindus
  • Age of the bridegroom should be 21 years and the bride should have completed 18 years at the time of marriage
  • Anyone of the below-mentioned places should fall within the jurisdiction of the Registering Officer in Rajasthan
    • Residence of groom
    • Residence of the bride
    • Solemnization place

Special Marriage Act, 1954

To register a special marriage in Rajasthan, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • Age of the bridegroom should be 21 years and bride should have completed 18 years at the time of solemnization
  • Marriage can be registered with the Registrar Officer in Residence of bridegroom or Residence of bride or Solemnization place
  • In case of special marriage registration, a notice of intended marriage will be first provided. If there is no objection for the marriage within 30 days from the notice, marriage will be registered

Benefits of Marriage Certificate

Benefits of obtaining Rajasthan marriage certificate are as follows:

  • A marriage certificate is a document that proves that a woman is married to the person whose details are mentioned in the marriage certificate
  • Marriage certificate enables social security and self-confidence to a married woman
  • The marriage certificate is also necessary for claiming bank deposits or insurance related benefit to a spouse after the death of the insurer with no nomination of any person
  • A marriage certificate is a necessary document for applying for a passport under Tatkal scheme and change or spouse name in the passport.

Documents Required

Documents required for obtaining Rajasthan marriage certificate are the following:

  • Age proof of Groom and Bride
  • Address Proof – Ration card, Voter ID, Passport or driving licence
  • Address Proof – Aadhaar Card, PAN Card and Voter ID
  • Photographs of couples (Joint Photo of bride and groom)
  • Application forms
  • Affidavit

Applying for Marriage Certificate through eMitra centre

Procedure to apply for a marriage certificate through eMitra centre is explained in step by step procedure here:

Step 1: Complete the application form. Affix photos of bride and groom.

Application Form

Step 2: Provide details in Affidavit.

Marriage affidavit

Step 3: Applicant needs to visit eMitra centre in the location. Submit the application, affidavit and all other required documents to service centre person.

Step 4: Get a receipt for application from the service centre, and once the application has been approved by the Registrar, the applicant can collect marriage certificate from Registrar office.

Applying for Online Marriage Certificate

Follow the procedure given below to apply for Rajasthan marriage certificate online:

Step 1: Visit the Rajasthan Civil Registration System official webpage.

Homepage Rajasthan Marriage Registration

Step 2: Select Amenjan fill application form option from the homepage.

Step 3: In the new page, select for marriage form option. The page will redirect to the application page.

Application Rajasthan Marriage Registration

Step 4: Select new application, insert code shown and click on the Go button.

New application Rajasthan Marriage Registration

Step 5: Provide marriage details such as wedding date, address of marriage site.

Application form Rajasthan Marriage Registration

Step 6: Enter the details of the groom such as name, parent’s name, date of birth, email id, address and mobile number.

Step 7: Fill all the details of the bride such as name, parent’s name, date of birth, email id, address and mobile number.

Application form Rajasthan Marriage Registration

Step 8: Bride and Groom’s witness (two witnesses) details such as address and mobile number to be entered.

Step 9: Base number, Bamashah number or ID proof of the applicant need to be entered. Click on verify button for verification.

Step 10: Upload a joint photo of bride and groom.

Application form Rajasthan Marriage Registration

Step 11: After entering details of the applicant, verify mobile by sending an OTP.

Step 12: Once verified, provide the insert code shown and click on Goto the idra.

Step 13: Registration number with an acknowledgement slip will be generated. Download the slip and keep it safe for future reference.

After verification, the marriage certificate will be issued.

Status of Application

Select Status option from the home page of Rajasthan Civil Registration System webpage.

Home page Rajasthan Marriage Registration

In the new page, select Rajasthan as the state from the drop-down menu. Select district, marriage, date of marriage, name of the applicant and registration number. Insert code and click on discover button.

Application status Rajasthan Marriage Registration

Status of application will appear, once approved, download the certificate.

Download Marriage Registration Certificate

The applicant can download the marriage registration certificate from the Rajasthan Civil Registration System webpage.

Government webpage Rajasthan Marriage Registration

Select download option from homepage. The page will redirect to next page. Select marriage option from the menu and provide the registration number or mobile number.

Registration certificate Rajasthan Marriage Registration

Enter the captcha code shown in the box and click on the Discover button. Digitally signed Marriage Registration Certificate will be displayed; the applicant can now download the certificate.

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