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Startups disrupting the food industry


Startups disrupting the food industry

The way we gather, cook and consume food is drastically changing. With many startups working on disrupting the food industry, we are going to see new products that completely transform the way we eat. We now look at top inventions in the food tech that could serve as an inspiration for many startups in the food tech industry.

Vessyl – A intelligent bottle for everyday use

The Vessyl is the world’s first smart cup, a product that can tell you exactly what you’re drinking and what its nutrient content is in “real-time”. Watch the video above to see how Vessly changes the way we consume liquids.

Countertop – Gadget that makes existing kitchens smarter

The Countertop is a kitchen gadget that tracks your likes, dislikes, physical activity, diet and sleep patterns and uses all that good information to help you consume/cook food more intelligently. See the video above to see how Countertop helps people make intelligent food choices and easily cook dishes.

June – A smart oven that redefines cooking

June Intelligent Oven is a computer-based oven that makes everyone a better cook and completely redefines cooking. The oven combines an HD camera, food temperature prob, internet capabilities and more to help cook better food. Watch the video to know more about how June can redefine the cooking experience.

Neo – A revolutionary way to store food

The kitchen jars in which we store food has not evolved much since being invented. Neo looks to make a leapfrog change to jars making it more intelligent and connected. Watch the video to know more about how Neo is looking to transform the simple kitchen jar.

Meld – A device that makes cooking easy

Meld makes cooking easy by taking over the temperature control of a stove to make the food perfect. By controlling the temperature control perfectly, Meld helps the chef avoid overcooking or undercooking. The Meld knob and Meld probe can be attached to any existing kitchen utensil. Know more about Meld in the video above.