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Society Registration in Rajasthan


Society Registration in Rajasthan

Society is an organized group of people with an aim and objective of providing non-profitable service. Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958, lays down the procedure for society registration and operation in Rajasthan. Society can be registered with the concerned Registrar in which district the Society is intended to be established. After registration, the Society will have legal recognition. In this article, we look at the procedure for Society registration in Rajasthan in detail. In case if a person requires assistance for Society Registration in Rajasthan, please get in touch with an Indiafilings Advisor at [email protected].

Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958

As per the provision of this act, Society is an association of individuals united together by mutual agreement to deliberate, determine and act jointly for the following purposes:

  • Military orphan funds
  • Literature
  • Science or the fine arts
  • Promotion of Khadi and Village industry
  • Reading rooms for general use among the member
  • Instruction or diffusion of useful knowledge or political education
  • Foundation or maintenance or libraries
  • Public museums and galleries of paintings
  • Works of art, collection of natural history
  • Mechanical and philosophical inventions, instruments or designs

As per the provision of Rajasthan Registration act, minimum of seven persons who have attained the age of eighteen years can register a society in Rajasthan. 

Acceptable Name for Society

As per the provision of Prevention of Improper Use Act, 1950, within the same place, two societies should not have similar names. Below mentioned names are not applicable for society registration:

  • Names prohibited or registered by the State or Central Government through executive instructions are not allowed for Society
  • Government Emblems and Names are not acceptable
  • Name of Indian Institute or University also cannot be registered

MOA and Bye-Law

On registering a society in Rajasthan, certified copies of Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Bye-laws of Society will be issued. These documents serve as evidence for Society registration in Rajasthan.

Memorandum of Association (MOA)

MOA of Society is also called an NGO registration form; MOA contains society name, aim and objects, occupations of the members of the committee.

Bye-Laws of Society

The bye-laws documents contain provisions in respect of the following matters:

  • Society identities such as name and address
  • Information related to activities of Society
  • Society membership details include admission, eligibility, withdrawal and termination of members
  • Details of the manner of meetings to be held, quorum, function and responsibilities
  • Information on office bearers and their appointment, removal, recall and election
  • Finances related data’s such as types of funds to be raised and liability of members for the discharge of debts
  • Data’s related to internal matters of the settlement of internal disputes and dissolution of the Society

Note: According to the Society Registration Act, the bye-laws should be witnessed by two witnesses apart from the notary who shall not be members.

Documents Required

Documents necessary for registering Society in Rajasthan are as follows:

  • Application Form in Prescribed format
  • Self-attested copies of By-Laws and Main objects of the Society
  • Details of members of the executive committee such as name, address and occupation
  • Self-attested copies of Address and ID Proofs of the office-bearers
  • Name, father’s name, occupation and address of the society members
  • Affidavits of Office Bearers with Photo attested by the Notary Public, the office bearers are President, Secretary, Vice president and Treasurer
  • NOC of the local member of Municipal Corporation or local body or Sarpanch

Processing Time

The time limit for registering Society in Rajasthan is 30 days.

Fee for Registration

The competent authority in the state will decide society registration fees. To apply for society registration through e-Mitra, an amount of Rs.74 have to be paid.

Applying for Society Registration through Registrar

To register a society in Rajasthan, application, affidavit in a prescribed format (reproduced below) along with all supporting documents needs to be submitted to concerned Registrar. After approval, the Registrar will issue MOA and Bye-Law documents.

Applying for Society Registration through e-Mitra Centers – Offline Method

The following are the procedure for applying Society Registration certificate in the e-Mitra centre:

Step 1: The applicant has to approach the concerned e-Mitra centre in the area.

Step 2:  The applicant has to apply for Society Registration online at the e-Mitra Centre.

Rajasthan Society Registration

Step 3:  Submit all supporting documents (as mentioned above) to the e-Mitra Centre operating personally. The request for Society Registration will be forwarded online to the concerned authority.

Note: e-Mitra operating personal will issue a receipt, which contains Society Registration application number and application number will be sent to the registered mobile number and to mail id.

Note: The applicant will receive updates regarding the progress of the application through SMS.

Step 4: The concerned authority, Registrar, will process the Society Registration request and after successful verification, the Registrar will issue the documents.

Step 5:  After the acceptance of the request for society registration, the applicant will receive an SMS to the mobile number regarding the approval of the registration.

Step 6: Revisit e-Mitra centre, provide the application number to e-Mitra operating person; the applicant can get a printed copy of the MOA and Bye-law.  After society registration, it can be run operated.

Applying for  Society Registration through Online e-Mitra

Here is the step by step guide to apply for society registration under Rajasthan Society registration act 1958 online through the e-Mitra portal.

Step 1: Go to the e-Mitra official web page.

Step 2: Select the login option from the home page. The link will redirect to Rajasthan Single Sign-on (SSO) page.

Homepage Rajasthan Society Registration

New user Registration

Step 3: If the applicant is new to Rajasthan SSO portal, they have to click on the register button for registration. Enter the email id for registration. In the case of Government employee, enter email id given by the Government.

Registration Rajasthan Society Registration

Provide Details

Step 4: Once the applicant login to the web page, select society registration option from the menu. Provide all mandatory details for registration such as member details, the aim of Society etc. The portal provides the provision for uploading application form.

Login Rajasthan Society Registration

Upload Documents

Step 5: Click on the Save button after entering all the details and upload all supporting documents.

Make Payment

 Step 6: The applicant needs to pay the applicable fee for society registration, submit the request for society registration by clicking on the submit button.

The application for society registration will be forwarded to concerned Registrar online; after approval, the applicant can obtain the MOA and Bye-law documents.

 Status of Application

The applicant can check the status of application of Rajasthan Society registration through the e-Mitra official website.


Application status Rajasthan Society Registration

Provide the application number for society registration and click on get result. Status of application will appear. The applicant can get the MOA and Bye-law documents after getting approval from concerned Registrar. Log in again to the portal for obtaining registration document. After receiving the documents, the Society can run legally.