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How to Register with Export Promotion Council


How to Register with Export Promotion Council

Export promotion councils (EPC) are advisory bodies that actively contribute to the policies of the Government of India and acts as an interface between the industry and the Government. EPC conduct a large number of promotional activities such as buyer-seller meets, trade fairs/exhibitions and information booths to promote Indian exports and provide overseas buyers with a mechanism to easily reach Indian exporters. In this article, we look at the procedure for registering with an Export Promotion Council.

Different Export Promotion Councils in India

There are various types of EPC, with each export promotion council – supporting a distinct industry or sector. The different EPC in India are:

  • Engineering Export Promotion Council
  • Project Exports Promotion Council of India
  • Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Export Promotion Council
  • Chemicals and Allied Products Export Promotion Council
  • Council for Leather Exports
  • Sports Goods Export Promotion Council
  • Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council
  • Shellac & Forest ProductsExport Promotion Council
  • Cashew Export Promotion Council
  • Plastic Export Promotion Council
  • Export Promotion Council for EOU & SEZ Units
  • Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council
  • Apparel Export Promotion Council
  • Carpet Export Promotion Council
  • Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council
  • Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts
  • Handloom Export Promotion Council
  • Indian Silk Export Promotion Council
  • Powerloom Development & Export Promotion Council
  • Synthetic & Rayon Textile Export Promotion Council
  • Wool & Woolens Export Promotion Council

Reasons to Register with the Export Promotion Council

Registration with an EPC is a must for availing various export-import benefits or concessions under Foreign Trade Policy. Further, by being registered with the appropriate Export Promotion Council, the business will also have an opportunity to participate in fairs and meet prospective foreign buyers.

Registration cum Membership Certificate

An exporter can be registered with the EPC by making an application to become a member of the appropriate EPC. On being accepted, the exporter will be issued a registration cum membership certificate which would be valid for a period of five years.

Most EPC has two membership categories, associate member and ordinary member. Registration can be obtained by submitting the following documents:

  • The digital signature certificate would be required to apply for export promotion council membership.
  • Copy of Import-Export Code certificate.
  • A certificate from a Chartered Accountant, certifying the export turnover figure (FOB value in Rupees) during the year before the preceding year.
  • List of Partners/Directors with residential address.
  • MSME registration certificate, if available.
  • Membership fee.

Membership Fee

The membership fee for joining EPC varies from council to council. However, the following table gives a good understanding of the membership fee structure:

  • Between Rs.0 to Rs.30 Lakhs – Rs.5000
  • Rs.30 lakhs to Rs.60 lakhs – Rs.8000
  • Rs.60 lakhs to Rs.1 crore – Rs.13000
  • Rs.1 crore to Rs.5 crore – Rs.21000
  • Rs.5 crore to Rs.10 crore – Rs.23000
  • Rs. 10 crore to Rs.25 crore – Rs.25000
  • Rs. 25 crore to Rs.50 crore – Rs.30000
  • Rs. 50 crore to Rs.100 crore – Rs.35000
  • Above Rs.100 crore – Rs.45000