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Meri Fasal Mera Byora 

Meri Fasal Mera Byora 

Meri Fasal Mera Byora 

Meri Fasal Mera Byora is an online portal launched by the Haryana Government to provide the farmers of the state with multiple services on a single portal. The farmers can register into the portal to access all the online services offered by the Haryana Government. In this article, we look at the Meri Fasal Mera Byora in detail.

Benefits of Meri Fasal Mera Byora 

The benefits of the Meri Fasal Mera Byora are listed below:

  • Farmer registration, crop registration and farm details will be recorded online.
  • A unique effort for the availability of all government facilities and troubleshooting for the farmers at one place.
  • To provide information related to crop sowing time and market.
  • Information related to agriculture will be made available on time.
  • Subsidy for food, seeds, loans and agricultural equipment is available on time.
  • To provide assistance at the right time during natural calamities.

Salient Features 

The portal provides a wide range of features that can be availed by the farmers. Some of the important features are specified below:

  • The crop of registered farmers on this portal will be purchased at the support price fixed by the Government. 
  • The Government, through this portal, will directly benefit the farmers on every scheme introduced for the welfare of farmer.
  • The farmers will be provided with an incentive of Rs.10 Per acre on registering under this portal.
  • Under this portal, the options for selling and marketing the agricultural products are also available for making competitive returns.
  • The Village Level Enterprise (VLE) of the Common Service Centers located in the villages will register the crop details of farmers online at the free of cost.
  • The incentive for the farmers will get paid through e-Payment directly into their bank accounts.

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Mode of Functionality

This simple system will enable the farmers to self-report the details of their land and crops and help them to receive the several benefits of government schemes directly.

To avail the various benefits offered by the Haryana Government including insurance coverage, subsidies for agricultural development, compensation on account of crop damage due to natural calamities and other financial assistance under various schemes, the farmers will be required to upload the information such as name of the crop sown, areas covered under cultivation, cropping month, mobile number and bank account number of the farmer.

Departmental Services

The following are the services offered by the various departments under this portal:

 Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

Under this department, agricultural production, research and development, animal husbandry, fisheries, forestry, agricultural marketing, soil conservation, distribution of fertilisers, tube well and micro-irrigation are some of the items covered.

Department of Food Civil Supplies

The revenue department covers the supply and distribution of food grains, acquisition of godowns for storage of foodgrains, purchase of foodstuffs for civil requirements, trade and commerce in food grains, etc.

Department of Consumer Affairs

 The revenue department includes the internal trade, inter-state trade, training in legal metrology, monitoring of prices, maintenance of a supply of essential commodities and prevention of black marketing etc.,

Department of Science and Technology

This science and technology department performs commercial tests by National Test House in the particular regional laboratories in all branches of science and technology except food, drugs, pharmaceutical and arms & ammunition.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to register under the Meri Fasal Mera Byora portal are explained below:

  •  All farmer-beneficiaries residing in the state of Haryana are eligible.
  • The farmer applicant to be above 18 years of age to register under the portal.
  • Also, farmers including landlord, lessee or tenant on rent can register.

Documents Required

The below following documents are to be furnished while registering into the portal:

  • Identity Proof: PANAadhar, Driving License, Voter Identity Card, etc.
  • Address Proof: Aadhar card, legal Passport, Utility bill, Property tax bill, etc.
  • Passport size photograph
  • Land/property details documents (Khewat, Khatoni, Khasra and Killa number)
  • Farmer Bank account statements
  • Any other documents (if applicable)

Online Registration Procedure 

To register under the Meri Fasal Mera Byora portal, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: The farmer needs to access the official portal of Meri Fasal Mera Byora.

Step 2: Click on the “Registration” button, which is displayed on the home page of the portal.

Step 3: To register as a farmer, the applicant has to enter a mobile number or aadhaar number in the search box.

Meri Fasal Mera Byora - Farmer Registration
Meri Fasal Mera Byora – Farmer Registration

Step 4: After filing the particular details, the farmer has to enter the personal details such as applicant name, date of birth, address etc. to proceed further with the registration.

Step 5: In the next step, the farmer has to provide a description of the crop and sowing land details.

Step 6: After providing the details of crop and sowing land details, click on the “Next” button to proceed further.

Step 7: In the next stage, the farmer has to provide the bank details such as account number, account holder name, branch name and IFSC code and click on “Next” button to continue with the registration steps.

Step 8: Finally, the farmer has to fill the details of mandi or aarthiya to complete the registration process successfully.

Note: After registration, the applicant will receive a reference id as an acknowledgement number for further reference.

Registration through CSC

To register through Common Service Centres (CSC), the farmer has to visit the nearest Common Service Centers (CSC) of your area with the necessary documents for registering the details of farmers and their crops online. The Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE) of Common Service Centers will register at the free cost of cost and the receipt on successful registration will be given to the farmers for their reference.