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JharSewa Portal

JharSewa Portal

JharSewa Portal

JharSewa is an online portal that has been developed by the State Government of Jharkhand. It is designed to facilitate the citizens of the state to avail various online services under a single portal. People can register into the portal to access all the services offered by the Jharkhand government. In this article, we look at the various services offered by the JharSewa portal in detail.

 Services Provided at JharSewa Portal

JharSewa portal is meant to deliver numerous services of the state government. A common resident can use this online portal to avail the following services.

Certificate Services

Social Security Pension Services

  • Old Age Pension Scheme
  • Disability Pension Scheme
  • Widow Pension Scheme

External Services

  • Electoral Services
  • Consumer court Services
  • Land Record Services
  • Commercial Tax Department Services
  • Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Co-operative Department Services
  • Labour, Employment Training and Skill Development Department Services
  • Energy Department Services
  • Grievance redressal Service
  • Information about Government Services
  • Forms related to Government Services
  • Online Registration System for Patients

Features of JharSewa Portal

The portal offers a wide range of features that can be availed by the citizens of the state. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Some services can be applied or registered online using the Jharsewa portal.
  • The portal has the benefits of the service request, online payment, approval of services and service delivery.
  • All citizen services, Revenue services, employment services, Certificate services and Business services can be availed under a single portal.
  • The portal provides easy and quick access to all the services and can also check the status of the application.
  • This JharSewa portal facilitates various online service request with various departments.

Registration Procedure

The residents of Jharkhand can register with the Government of JharSewa Online Portal by following the steps mentioned below:

Access the Portal

Step 1: The applicant must visit the JharSewa Portal to avail all the government services.

New User Registration

Step 2: If you are not an existing user, you have to register in the portal to avail all the services offered by the government. Then click on the option “Register” for the New User Registration.

Step 3: On Clicking JharSewa, the registration Page appears. You have to fill the details such as Personal information and e-KYC details (Aadhar details). Then enter the captcha given and click on the submit button.

Step 4: Then an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number which is your “password” for the first time login.

Step 5: Then your citizen profile will be created successfully upon completing the procedure.

Step 6: Now you are eligible to request and apply for any services which are available at the web portal.

Login into Portal

Step 7: To portal login, you have to enter your login id, password and captcha and then you need to click on the “Submit” button.

Apply for Services

Step 8: To apply for specific service, you can use any of these three following methods.

  1. Online: Any citizen can request for a service of his/her state through online with or without registration as per the service definition.
  2. Kiosk: A citizen can contact the Kiosk centre of his/her domain for applying a service. You can verify the details of Kiosk under “Kiosk details” while clicking on the specific service.
  3. In person: A citizen can also request for service either by downloading the application form and submit it at the concerned office or can take the application form directly from the office.

Track Application Status

The users can verify the application status by visiting the official portal. By clicking on the “Check Status” tab of the dashboard, the status of the application applied can be verified. If the application has been approved, then you will be facilitated to download the certificate by clicking on the option ”Download Issued Document” from the portal.