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Jharkhand Income Certificate


Jharkhand Income Certificate

Income certificate is an official document that records the regular income of an individual or a family earned through all sources. Income certificate is used as a legal proof for availing various services and benefits of the Government. The process of issuing an income certificate differs from state to state. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Jharkhand income certificate in detail.

Purpose of Income Certificate

Income certificate is obtained for various purposes, some of which are as follows.

  • The major purpose of obtaining an income certificate is to avail tax relaxations.
  • Students can avail admissions, fee concessions, or apply for any scholarships in educational institutions.
  • The Government facilitates various provisions for the backward classes such as SC/ST for which income certificate is an important certificate to be submitted.
  • Income certificate must be furnished to enjoy the benefits of various welfare schemes implemented by the State and Central government.
  • Agriculture Income Certificate is helpful for getting bank loans as agricultural income is exempted from tax under the Indian Income Tax Act.

Income Calculation

Income means the money earned by the family members on a regular basis. Calculating family income includes the income of the following.

  1. Applicant
  2. Parents/Guardian
  3. Unmarried brothers and sisters/ dependent unmarried sons and daughters living together in the same house, widowed daughters actually dependant on the family.

The sources of income that are considered for computation are as follows.

  • Income from salary
  • Income of daily labourers
  • Income from business
  • Income of persons employed abroad
  • Income from pension
  • Income from rented buildings
  • Income from property

However, there are incomes that are excluded while computing the income for an income certificate.

  • Income of widows daughter/ sister
  • Terminal benefits
  • Surrender leave salary will
  • Festival allowance
  • Family pension

Eligibility Criteria

To obtain Jharkhand income certificate, the citizen should comply with the following criteria.

  1. The citizen who is in need of the certificate should be a permanent resident of Jharkhand while applying.
  2. Any resident of Jharkhand who has been employed and needs an income certificate to be submitted for any purpose is eligible to apply for the document.

Documents Required for Income Certificate:

Any person applying for the income certificate in Jharkhand should enclose the following documents along with the application form.

  • Proof of being a native resident of the respective block.
  • Identity proof of the applicant
  • Applicants Age proof (duplicate)
  • Applicants Address Proof – Ration Card (duplicate)
  • Passport size photograph of the applicant
  • Income-related Affidavit * (MANDATORY)
  • Salary slip or any other proof of income.
  • If applicant age is less than 18 years then affidavit from Parent*
  • Copy of khatiyan

Note: The Government of Jharkhand offers Tatkal Service for the issuance of the certificate. For Tatkal Service Applicant has to enclose the proof showing the reason for Tatkal. Local Circle Officer / Block Development Officer /Executive Magistrate/Sub Divisional Magistrate/Additional Collector/Deputy Commissioner must recommend the proof for eligibility of Tatkal.

Concerned Authority

The authorities concerned for the issuance of the certificate are below.

Designated Officer: Block Development Officer / Circle Officer

Appellate Authority:

First Appeal: Sub Divisional Officer

Second Appeal:  Deputy Commissioner


Self-registered citizens and applicants who apply through Jan Suvidha Kendra can avail the service free of cost. Pragya Kendra (CSC) renders the service with a fee of Rs.10.


Validity of income certificate would be one year from the date of issuance in Jharkhand.

Processing Time

The time limit for the processing and issuance of the income certificate is 30 days.

Application Procedure

The applicant can acquire the income certificate by applying offline or online.

Offline Application

Step 1: The applicant should visit the nearby Teshil office with the necessary documents and passport size photograph.

Step 2: Collect the relevant application form from the concerned officer.

Step 3: On duly filling the form, attach documents along with photograph and submit.

Step 4: An acknowledgement slip will be granted which the citizen should show while collecting the certificate.

The citizen can download a copy of the application form for Jharkhand income certificate that is provided below.

Jharkhand Income Certificate.compressed

Online Application

Step 1: To apply online, visit the official online portal of Jharkhand, JharSewa.


Step 2: If already a registered user, click ‘Login’. In case of a new user, click ‘Register yourself’ on the home page of the portal.

New registration

Step 3: On Clicking JharSewa, the registration page appears. Fill the following details.

  • Personal details
  • e-KYC details (Aadhaar details)
  • Login details (user id, password)

Step 4: Enter the captcha and click submit.


Step 5: On completion of the registration process, click Login that redirects to the login section. Enter the registered user id and password. Enter the captcha and click submit.


Step 6: The list of online services available will be displayed. Select the income certificate.


Step 7: The application form for the issuance of an income certificate appears. Fill-out the form properly. The form contains details as follows.

  • Personal details
  • Income Affidavit details
  • Authorization details
  • Relation details
  • Address details
  • Income details
  • Additional details

Select the applying office (urban/rural), enter the captcha in the word verification area.

Step 8: An acknowledgement number will be generated to track application status, download the certificate and for other future purposes.

Track Application Status

After applying, the status of the application can be tracked by the applicant by clicking ‘Know the status of your application’ on the official portal. Enter the acknowledgement number and click the search button to view the status of the application.


Download Certificate

On approval by the concerned officer, the applicant will intimate through SMS to the registered mobile number. The applicant can visit the official portal and can download the certificate by entering the acknowledgement number and acknowledgement date. After downloading, the applicant can print the digitally signed certificate and use for the required purpose.