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Goa Birth Certificate


Goa Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is a government document to record the date, place and time of a person’s birth in India. It serves as a primary record to state an individual’s birth and to avail various services, which are offered by the State and Central Government. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining the Goa Birth Certificate in detail.

Benefits of Birth Certificate

The following are the benefits of a birth certificate:

  • The birth certificate is mandatory for settlement of inheritance and property rights.
  • The birth certificate is used to get admission in schools.
  • The birth certificate is used to claim the right to marry at the legally permissible age.
  • The birth certificate is used to avail Government pension, social security or health insurance.

Birth Registration

As per the law of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 every birth has to be registered in the State Government within 21 days. Depending on the occurrence of birth; the registration place is varied as below:

In a Hospital: Maternity home, health centre, nursing home or other similar institutions

In a Jail: Jailor In-charge

In a Moving Vehicle: A person In – charge of the Vehicle

In a Hostel, Boarding/Lodging House, Dharmashala:  Person In – charge.

Found deserted in a public place: In-charge of the local police station / Headman of the Village.

House: The head of the household or in his absence, his nearest relative

Required Documents

The following are the required documents while applying for the birth certificate in Goa:

  • Address proof of Parents (Mandatory)
  • Hospital Discharge Certificate / Certificate of Doctor
  • Certificate of Pradhan
  • Tehsil enquiry
  • In case of delayed registration requires an affidavit from Judicial Magistrate/Notary
  • The applicant should obtain permission from the District Registrar, i.e. B.D.O (Block Development Officer) of concerned Taluka in case he/she applied after a month, but within a year.
  • The applicant should obtain an order from the Executive Magistrate, and a copy of the said order is necessary to be attached to the prescribed application form in case he/she applied after a year.

Fee Structure

If registering birth within 21 days, the applicant should pay a fee of Rs. 2.  In case of registering within one year, then the applicant has to pay an amount of Rs. 5, and after one year the fee of Rs. 10 is payable.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Please visit the home page of Goa Online.


Step 2: Click on “Form Download” option which appears in the menu bar.

Step 3: On the next page, click on ” Birth/Teor Certificate” option and download the application form in a PDF format.


Step 4: In Goa, e-Suvidha centres are in the offices of “Registrar of Birth and Deaths” of Panaji Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council or Village Panchayat or Medical Superintendent/State/District/Sub-Divisional Hospitals as applicable to obtain birth certificates and registration. Fill up the application form correctly with the required information and submit it to the concerned authorities in the same office.

Goa Birth Certificate

Step 5: Then, the applicant will receive an Acknowledgement Receipt for the same that indicates a Delivery Date for her/his Certificate.

Note:- The relevant Revenue/Tehsil Inspector/Deputy Collector and Magistrate will initiate field enquiry for delayed registration. After the verification, the concerned authority will issue the birth certificate to the applicant.

Application Status

Also, this portal facilitates the applicant to his/her application status online. To check status follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Revisit the home page of Goa Online.


Step 2: Click on “Select Service” and choose “Birth/Teor Certificate and enter the application number and click on the “Submit” button to check the application status.