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How to Create GST Bill?

GST Bill

How to Create GST Bill?

You can easily create a GST bill using LEDGERS GST Software. GST bill must be issued when a business or person having GST registration supplies goods or services to a customer. As per GST Rules, suppliers are mandatorily required to provide a GST bill when the value of supply is more than Rs.200. In this article, we look at the procedure for creating a GST bill and GST bill format.

Creating a GST Bill

You can easily create a GST bill using LEDGERS software. To create a GST bill first signup for a LEDGERS using the link below. LEDGERS is free for issuing GST bill.

Signup for Free GST LEDGERS Account

Once you have signed up for the LEDGERS account and setup a LEDGER for your business, follow the below steps to create a GST bill:

  1. Login to your LEDGERS account. You can log in using this link.
  2. Once you have logged in to your account, select the business you would like to create an invoice.
  3. Go to Sales -> Create Invoice.

Note: Before starting to create a GST bill, ensure that the Goods and Services master is populated with information about the goods and services supplied by your business.

Read the Comprehensive Guide to GST Invoice.

GST Bill Format

GST bill must be issued as per the format specified in the GST Invoice Format Rules. GST bill created using LEDGERS is automatically formatted to conform to the GST rules and regulations. The below sample shows a sample GST Bill format created using LEDGERS GST Software.

Sample GST Bill

Steps for Creating GST Bill

Follow the steps below to create a GST Bill on LEDGERS:

Step 1: Create Invoice

From the top menu, select Sales -> Invoice. In the invoice, select the Branch from which the GST bill is to be issued, if applicable. If the business has only one branch, the option for selecting branch will not be available.

Step 2: Select Invoice Date and Payment Due Date

Select the invoice date and the payment due date. If payment is received along with invoice, set payment due date as the date of invoice.

Step 3: Select Customer

From the customer menu, select the customer. The drop-down shows the list of customers already populated on LEDGERS. In case you do not see the customer in the drop-down list, select Add Customer to add a new customer.

Step 4: Verify Place of Supply

The place of supply determines the type of tax applicable on the invoices, IGST or CGST and SGST. Place of supply is automatically populated based on the customers delivery address. In case the customers delivery address is not available, place of supply would be the suppliers State and the supply would be treated as an intra-state supply.

Know the difference between interstate and intrastate supply.

In case you would like to select the place of supply, select from the drop-down list.

Step 5: Select the Goods or Services Supplied

Once the customer is selected and place of supply is determined, select the goods or services supplied from the drop-down list. If the goods or services supplied is not available in the drop-down you can add the item from the Goods and Services menu.

Once the goods or services is selected, the rate, quantity, discount, IGST or CGST and SGST applicable for the item will be auto-populated. You can update discounts if any to compute the final taxable value. If the data is acceptable, click on the check mark to add the item to the invoice.

Step 6: Update Additional Information

From the options below, change reverse charge is applicable to yes, if applicable. When reverse charge is applicable, the recipient will be responsible for payment of GST directly to the Government.

In case the supply is an export or supply to SEZ, select the option from the drop-down. For export supplies, you will also have to provide details of shipping bill, shipping bill date and port of export.

In case you would like to add any additional charges to the invoice, select the type of additional charge from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Create GST Bill

Once all the details in the page is complete, click on Create Invoice to generate a GST bill. You will be able to download the document in word and pdf format after the GST bill is generated.

Guide to Creating a GST Bill

You can also follow the video guide below for creating a GST bill using LEDGERS.

FAQs – GST Invoice

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To download a GST invoice, you must first register your business with the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN). Once registered, you can log into the GSTN portal, where you can create and download GST invoices. You can also use a third-party accounting software to generate and download GST invoices.
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