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Discount Calculator

Discount Calculator

Discount Calculator

LEDGERS has added a feature called the Discount Calculator to help the users of the software find the right taxable value amount while providing discounts. Discount calculator enables the users to easily calculate the final amount to be charged while invoicing or sending estimates. Earlier, a user was required to select an ‘Item’ and enter details such as Quantity, Rate, Discount, Taxable Amount and the related GST Tax to find the Total Amount. After the Total Amount is displayed, the user cannot edit the entered details like ‘Discount’ if the Total Amount shown is not acceptable. The user is required to delete the entire entry then and repeat the whole process from the beginning until the user is pleased with the Final Amount. To avoid this tedious action and fasten the entire process, the Discount Calculator feature has been introduced.

Usage of the Discount Calculator

The following is a step by step procedure of how to use the Discount Calculator feature on LEDGERS GST invoicing software.

Step 1: Find the ‘Calculator’ icon in the ‘Discount’ Column on the Invoice page. It is embedded along with ‘Discount’.

Step1-Discount Calculator

Step 2: On clicking the ‘calculator’ icon, the Discount Calculator opens.

Step 2-Discount Calculator

Step 3: Enter the required details such as Quantity, Rate, Discount, Non-Taxable Amount, Taxable Amount, GST percentage and Amount, to find the Final Amount. If the amount is not acceptable, the user has the power to adjust the variables in order to obtain the desired Final Amount.

Step 3-Discount Calculator

Step 4: After finding the Final Amount, the user can close the Discount Calculator with the help of the ‘X’ icon in the right top corner and edit the invoice generator according to their requirements.

Step 4-Discount Calculator

Step 5: The final invoice or estimate can be emailed to the client along with a payment link.

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