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Coffee Board of India


Coffee Board of India

The Coffee Board of India is an organization administered by the Ministry of Commerce and the Government of India to promote coffee production and the export of Indian coffee. The Coffee Board acts as an Export promotion agency for promoting Indian Coffee and supporting the development of domestic coffee markets. The Board, headquartered in Karnataka, works towards boosting the growth of the Indian coffee industry by conducting international exhibitions, trade fairs, and other trade promotional activities.

The objective of the Coffee Board

The primary objective of the Coffee Board of India is to enhance the production, productivity, and quality of Indian coffee products and to bring about exports of Indian coffee to various destinations globally.

Products Covered under Coffee Board

The coffee board of India issues RCMC to export the following types and grades of coffee.


Major Types

Grades Of Coffee












Arabica Coffee


Washed Arabica – ’Plantation’


  • Plantation PB
  • Plantation A
  • Plantation B
  • Plantation C
  • Plantation Blacks
  • Plantation Bits
  • Plantation Bulk




Unwashed Arabica – ’Arabica Cherry’


  • Arabica Cherry PB
  • Arabica Cherry AB
  • Arabica Cherry C
  • Arabica Cherry Blacks/Browns
  • Arabica Cherry Bits
  • Arabica Cherry Bulk


Robusta Coffee


  • Washed Robusta ’Robusta Parchment’
  • Robusta Plantation PB
  • Robusta Plantation AB
  • Robusta Plantation C
  • Robusta Plantation Blacks/Browns
  • Robusta Plantation Bits
  • Robusta Plantation Bulk

Unwashed Robusta ’Robusta Cherry’


  • Robusta Cherry PB
  • Robusta Cherry AB
  • Robusta Cherry C
  • Robusta Cherry
  • Blacks/Browns
  • Robusta Cherry Bits
  • Robusta Cherry Bulk



Monsooned Coffees


Arabica Monsooned Coffee
  • Monsooned Malabar AA
  • Monsooned Basically
  • Monsooned Arabica Triage
Robusta Monsooned Coffee
  • Monsooned Robusta ’AA’
  • Monsooned Robusta Triage


Specialty Coffee
  • Monsooned Coffee
  • Mysore Nuggets EB (Extra Bold)
  • Robusta Kaapi Royale


Instant Coffee


Ground Coffee


Roasted Seeds

Coffee Board Membership Benefits

On grant of registration as an exporter of coffee, Coffee Board issues the Registration-cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC). The Benefits of obtaining Membership from the Coffee Board of India are as follows:

  • The Coffee Board members can participate in the Major coffee trade shows and exhibitions held in major coffee-consuming countries. This export promotion activity creates awareness about the quality of Indian Coffee among overseas roasters, traders, and consumers.
  • The Coffee Board of India conducts the Flavour of India program for exporters; It is a fine cup competition to select fine coffees and expose them to export markets.
  • The exports of valued added coffees in retail packs and the export of coffee to high-value far-off destinations are eligible for the incentives under the export promotion scheme. The key objective of this grant is to offset the transaction costs to some extent and enable Indian exporters to be competitive in the export market.
  • These incentives provide opportunities to expand the footprint of Indian Coffee in higher-value destinations and reinforce its presence in the traditional markets.

Coffee Board Membership Registration

The applicant must enclose the following documents and the online RCMC application for new registration as a Coffee Board of India member.

Documents for New RCMC

The applicant firm needs to self-attest the following supporting documents with seal and signature:

The format for with Bank Performance Letter, Authorized Signatory of Bank, and Authorized Signatory of the Company is as follows:


Documents for Renewal & Revival of RCMC

The applicant firm needs to self-attest the following supporting documents with seal and signature:

  • Copy of RCMC issued by Coffee Board
  • Import Export Code Certificate
  • Goods and Service Tax (GST) Registration Certificate Registration Certificate

Application Fee for Coffee Board Membership Registration

The details of the application fee for obtaining the Registration cum Membership from Coffee Board of India are as follows:

S.No Type of RCMC Fee GST
1 Fresh RCMC Rs.6200 18 %
2 Renewal of RCMC Rs.6200 18 %
3 Revival and Renewal of RCMC Rs.6200 18 %

Note: The applicant must keep the remittance details ready to furnish the online application form.

Validity of RCMC

The validity of the Coffee Board Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) is three years from the membership registration date.

Application Procedure for Coffee Board Membership Registration

An exporter has to submit an online application to register with the Coffee Board as one of the members of a Registered exporter of Coffee. After registration of the exporter as a Registered Coffee Exporter, the coffee board issued RCMC.

Register as an exporter of Coffee

  • The applicant needs to access the home page of Coffee Board of India from the home page, click on the exporter tab, and then the online RCMC registration option; the link will redirect to the application page.
Coffee-Board-of-India-Exporter Details
Coffee Board of India – Exporter Details
  • Provide all mandatory details in the application for the registration cum membership certificate issue and click on the next button to upload the documents.
  • Coffee-Board-of-India-Exporter-Registration
    Coffee Board of India – Exporter Registration
Coffee Board of India – Application1
Coffee Board of India – Application2
  • The applicant needs to upload a PDF soft copy of the required documents to complete the RCMC application. Upon completing the documents section, the applicant can proceed with the payment. The applicant can make the payment through the following bank transfer details:
    • Name of the Bank: State Bank of India
    • Branch: Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru
    • Title of Account: COFFEE BOA RD IE BR AC CO UNT
    • Account Number: 64015049024
    • IFS Code : SBIN0040022.

Upon completion of the application fee payment, the applicant can submit the RCMC application to the Coffee Board of India. The board will scrutinize all details furnished to issue the Registration Cum Membership Certificate.


After registration of the applicant as a Registered Coffee Exporter, the Coffee Board of India will send the Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) with supporting documents to the registered address of the applicant provided on the application and available on the IEC Certificate.

Renewal of RCMC of Coffee Board

The exporter has to voluntarily renew the RCMC of the Coffee Board within one month from expiry by paying the renewal fee unless the Chief Coffee Marketing Officer cancels the certificate for valid reasons. For those who fail to renew the RCMC on or before the due date, the membership registration shall stand canceled automatically, and the available balance amount of the respective Exporter’s ICO Certificate of Origin deposit will be forfeited.

Issue of Export Permit & Certificate of Origin

Coffee Board issues an Export Permit along with a Certificate of Origin to the registered exporter of coffee. The registered exporter can file Export Permit Application (EPA) online through the Coffee Board e-permit system to obtain an Export Permit and ICO Certificate of Origin.

DGFT Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)

Earlier, an exporter desiring to obtain an RCMC had to file an application in Form ANF 2C with the Tea Board and declare his mainstream business in the application. The procedure was outlined above for reference.

The Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has issued a Trade Notice No.35/2021-2022 for Mandatory Electronic filing of Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) or Registration Certificate (RC) through DGFT Common Digital Platform with effect from 01.04.2022.

With this Trade Notice, DGFT informed that a new Common Digital Platform (DGFT e-RCMC module) for Issuance of RCMC had been developed, which would be single-point access for all exporters & importers. This Common Digital Platform is designed to provide an electronic, contactless single window for the RCMC/RC-related processes, including Applications for Fresh/ Amendment/ Renewal of RCMC/ RC.

The Common Digital Platform for Electronic filing of RCMC shall be available at

Click here to learn more about the DGFT Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) – Online Procedure.