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CK’s Bakery Franchise

CKs Bakery

CK’s Bakery Franchise

Eat Fresh and Pay Less

Bakery industry being one of the oldest businesses in India is continually changing and is modernising in terms of product range and services. Even global players enter this market because of its increased demand and popularity. Besides, the industry has a significant advantage for women to cultivate their entrepreneurial skills compared to men. CK’s Bakery is one of the famous bakeries and in this article, we look at the details of starting a CK’s Bakery Franchise for an investor who is willing to venture into the bakery industry.

Why to invest in Baking Industry?

Baking industry is an excellent moneymaking platform for the following reasons.

  • Growth in the industry
  • Changes in taste & preference
  • Smaller investment
  • Simpler Business Model

About CK’s Bakery

CK’s Bakery is a Chennai based bakery held under Cavinkare Group. Manu Ranganathan, the founder of CK’s Bakery, states that focused customer segment and innovative product line have played a massive role in the growth of CK’s Bakery.

In Chennai, the company has 60 outlets and looks forward to adding more through the franchise model. The company also plans to expand further the bakery chain in Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy and Bangalore. Also, they have tied up with Swiggy, Zomato and Foodpanda for home delivery.


A variety of whole cakes, personalized cakes and puddings are baked in the in-house bakery. The other products served are sandwiches, mousse, soft drinks and juices. The signature dish of the bakery is Panini.



People desire variety at an affordable cost. With our ₹50-100 price range, the company highly prefers to serve such a market.

Quality & Service:

Quality is the trademark and service is the pride of CK’s Bakery. The vendors are selected after thorough screening to ensure that the products are always fresh and are of the best quality.


Hygiene takes the highest priority for the company since dealing with confectionaries. The food handlers are trained to follow sound practices and are stipulated to wear head caps and gloves. Periodic audits are conducted on how they maintain their personal hygiene from trimming nails to self-grooming.

CK’s Bakery Franchise Facts

Business Model:

To establish the brand and multiply the locations, the company offers the business in Franchisee-Owned Franchisee-Operated (FOFO) model where the franchisee can own the store as well as exercise the control as per the guidelines of the company.

Outlet Area:

The outlet area to establish a CK’s Bakery should be around 200 – 250 sq.ft.

Financial Model:

The financial model of the franchise is estimated to be 42% Gross Margin.

Preferred Locations:

The headquarters of the company is in Chennai. Apart from that, the preferred locations for expansion are Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Kochi, and Madurai.

Franchisee Expectations

Franchise partner who wish to own a CK’s Bakery Franchise expected to satisfy the following conditions.

  • All bakery products must be procured from the company. The company will establish a central kitchen that can supply to around 200 outlets to have control over the food quality.
  • Should maintain the hygiene of the bakery
  • Ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Investment Details:


To set up a CK’s Bakery outlet, Rs.12 – 15 lakhs is required. It takes about two and a half years to break even.

Brand Fee:

The brand fee accounts to Rs.4.5 lakhs.

Expected Monthly Sales:

The franchisee can expect a monthly sale of about Rs.4.5 Lakhs.

Return on Investment (ROI):

Return on investment can be made within 2 years.

Royalty / Commission:

The company does not charge any royalty. But the bakery products must be purchased from the company.

CK’s Bakery Franchise Registration

To register for a CK’s Bakery Franchise, Click Here

CK'sBakery Franchise Registration
CK’sBakery Franchise Registration

Benefits of CK’s Bakery Franchise

  • The CK’s Bakery retail chain offers the best ingredients and notably at affordable rates.
  • The company surprises the customers by innovating delicious and exciting products with its dedicated R & D department.
  • New franchisees are empowered with a month-long hands-on training in working CK’s Bakery outlets.
  • CK’s Bakery helps to setup a live kitchen that turns out fresh cakes in just 5 minutes!

The company offers the following support to its franchise partners to achieve retail success.

  • Bakery setup and design
  • Staff hiring
  • Training and supply of uniforms
  • Supply of bakery products
  • Marketing and promotional support
  • Delivery tie ups with Swiggy, Zomato and Food Panda.