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How to Check Company Registration Status with MCA

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How to Check Company Registration Status with MCA

Body corporates namely Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited Company, One Person Company and Limited Company are registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs publishes information pertaining to these entities online and is publicly available. In this article, we look at how to check company registration status with MCA in India.

MCA Master Data

MCA Company Registration Status Check

Details pertaining to a registered entity or to be a registered entity (Private Limited Company or LLP or OPC or Limited Company for which name approval application has been applied) can be accessed through the MCA Master Database. The MCA Master Data can be accessed through by clicking here. Once, the MCA Master Data search page has been accessed, a search can be initiated by entering the complete or partial name of the entity in the search box. If any entities that match the search query are found, results are displayed and the user can select the right entity for which information is required. If no entities are found to match the search query, the query returns “No matches found”. The following information pertaining to a registered business in India can be found from the MCA Master Data:

  • CIN (Corporate Identification Number)
  • Company Name
  • ROC Information
  • ROC Registration Number
  • Company Category (Company limited by shares / Company limited by guarantee / Unlimited Company) – Want to know more? Types of Company.
  • Company Sub-Category (Indian Government Company / Indian Non-Governmental Company)
  • Class of Company (Public Company / Private Company)
  • Authorised Capital of the Company – Want to know more? About Authorised capital of a Company.
  • Paid-up Capital of the Company
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Address
  • Email
  • Listing Status
  • Date of Last Annual General Meeting
  • Date of the Balance Sheet
  • Company Status

Charges Registered on a Company

Charges registered on a Company are the interest or right which a lender or creditor obtains in the property of the company by way of security that the company will pay back the debt. Charges on a Company are usually raised when the Company or LLP raises bank loan or financial assistance from financial institutions. Therefore, this functionality of the MCA can be used to check if the company has raised any loans from a bank or financial institutions. To search for charges on a company, click here. The search will display the following charge information pertaining to a Company:

  • Date of Charge Creation or Modification
  • Charge Amount
  • Charge Holder
  • Address of Charge Holder

Signatory Details – Checking Directors of Company

The list of Directors of a Company or Partners of an LLP can be found using the Signatory Details search functionality of the MCA Portal. To check the Directors of a Company or Partners of an LLP, click here. The following details pertaining to Directors of a Company or Partners of an LLP are available online:

  • DIN Number Details
  • Name of the Directors or Partners
  • Address of the Directors or Partners
  • Designation
  • Date of Appointment
  • Digital Signature Status.

To register a Private Limited Company or LLP Registration in India, visit

FAQ for MCA Company check

How do I check if a company is in MCA?
Follow the below-mentioned steps to check whether a company is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA):

  • Go to the MCA website
  • Click on the “MCA Services” tab and select View Company or LLP Master Data.
  • Furnish the name or CIN (Corporate Identification Number) of the company you want to check.
  • Click on the “Search” button.

If the company is registered with the MCA, you can see its details, including company name, CIN, date of incorporation, registered office address, director’s details, and other information.
To know more about checking company details on MCA, refer to our article.

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