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MCA Change Request Form (CRF)

Change Request Form (CRF)

MCA Change Request Form (CRF)

On 19th February 2024, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) issued a circular on adding the Change request form (CRF) to the MCA-21 services. It can be used for purposes not achieved with the existing forms, services, or functionalities available at the Front Office level (MCA-21 services) or Back office level (RoCs). Let’s explore the CRF, its purpose and other details mentioned in the circular.   

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What is a Change Request Form?

The Change Request Form (CRF) in MCA is a web-based form used only under exceptional circumstances. It helps the users of MCA-21 request changes to the Registrar of Companies (RoCs) for purposes that cannot be handled through existing forms, services, or functionalities. It is made available on the V3 portal for the convenience of MCA-21 users. 

What is the Purpose of CRF?

You can use the CRF for the following purposes other than the mentioned above,

  • Incorrect master data: If there are errors in a company’s registered information, such as its name, address, or directors, that cannot be corrected through the usual channels.
  • Court/tribunal orders: If a court or tribunal has issued an order that requires changes to be made to a company’s records, but there is no existing form or service to do so.

Limitations of CRF

The CRF cannot be used in the following cases:

  • This Form is not intended to replace any mandatory reporting, application, or registry requirements outlined in the Companies Act, 2013, and the LLP Act, 2008. If you attempt to use the form for such purposes, it will not be processed and may be rejected.
  • It is not suitable for inquiries regarding approvals or registrations. You can utilize the existing ticket and helpdesk systems for these matters.

This ensures your requests are directed to the appropriate channels for efficient solutions. Remember, this form is meant for exceptional situations not addressed through standard procedures.

Processing time of Change Request Form

The CRF will be processed by RoCs within 03 days of submission. They will assess whether your request falls within the eligible categories and ensure all necessary information is included. Afterwards, it will be sent to the Joint Director (e-governance cell), who will make a decision within a maximum of 07 days.


In conclusion, the Change Request Form (CRF) offers a helpful solution for exceptional situations requiring changes to company records beyond existing functionalities. While limitations exist, including its exclusion from mandatory filings and approval inquiries, it can streamline processes for correcting master data and complying with court orders. Remember, proper usage within its intended purpose ensures efficient resolution for unique circumstances.

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Official MCA Circular Notice on Change Request Form (CRF)