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Recent upgradation of MCA website

Recent upgradation of the MCA website

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (i.e., MCA) is progressively implementing the third version of the flagship project MCA21 (NCA 21 Version-3). As a part of the first phase, MCA will carry out the following-

  • Upgradation of the current version of the MCA website; and
  • Introduction of the following two new public-facing modules-
    • E-Consultation; and
    • E-Book.

It is important to understand the newly introduced improvisation and changes in the MCA website. The present article briefly explains the first phase of the MCA website.

Features up-gradation of MCA website-

Following features are added to the MCA website as part of the first phase of the up-gradation of the MCA website-

  • Restoration of the following web pages-
    • Home,
    • Data & Reports,
    • About Us,
    • Contact Us,
    • News and Updates, and
    • Mediation and conciliation.
  • Introduction of the following new services/ modules-
    • E-Consultation, and
    • E-Book.

Access to the primary services in the new MCA website-

Following six primary services are now accessible from the banners provided on the face of the MCA website-

  1. Register your company,
  2. Register your LLP (Limited Liability Partnership),
  3. Company forms download,
  4. LLP forms download,
  5. Close your company,
  6. Close your LLP.

Essential services access in the new MCA website-

A list of the following essential services can be directly accessed from the home page-

  • E-Books,
  • Name Reservation (Company),
  • Name Reservation (LLP),
  • DIR-3 KYC,
  • View Public Documents,
  • View Company/ LLP Master Data,
  • Track Transaction Status,
  • Associate DSC,
  • Update DSC,
  • Independent Director/ Databank Registration,
  • Enquire Fee, and
  • E-Auction.

E-Books and use thereof-

Basically, the E-Books module is launched by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to-

  • Simplify the compliance procedure; and
  • Provide complete information and data about the applicable act; rules and regulations.

Both registered as well as non-registered users can access the E-Books by following the below steps-

STEP 1 – Visit site,

STEP 2 – Click ‘Acts & Rules’ available on the home page.

STEP 3 – By following the above steps, a List of Acts and a List of Recent Amendments will be displayed.

E-consultation and use thereon-

E-consultation is featured as one of the web page available on the home page of the MCA website. Mostly, e-consultation is an online platform, wherein, following would be undertaken-

  • Proposed amendments/ draft legislation will be posted for public consultation,
  • Users are allowed to submit their comments/ suggestions on such proposed amendments/ draft legislations.

Following are the two ways through which the E-Consultation module can be accessed-

  1. Registered user – such a person can access the module by login into the MCA website.
  2. Guest user – the non-registered person can even access the module available on the home page of the website.

Important points regarding the posting of comments/ suggestions-

  • Documents available for comments will be accessible with the posting date and comments due date on the E-Consultation home page.
  • For successful posting of comments by the guest user, it is necessary to-
    • Fill in the user profile information like-
      • Name,
      • Name of the organization,
      • E-mail ID,
      • Address,
      • Industry of operation.
    • Verify the e-mail ID and mobile number via OTP.
  • While commenting, the user can attach the supporting documents up to a maximum size of 25MB.
  • The users are allowed to modify the comments/ suggestions in the following manner-
Type of user Manner to modify the comments
Registered user
  1. Login to the MCA website.
  2. Visit the E-Consultation page.
  3.  Modify the comments and submit the same.
Guest user
  1. Enter the new comment.
  2. Provide the same PAN/ Aadhar/ CIN/ FCRN/ LLPIN/ FLLPIN which was provided while entering an earlier comment.
  3. On entering the same number, a confirmation will appear asking to overwrite the previous comment.
  4. On confirming overwriting, the previous comment will be over-written with the new comment.

Some of the notable points-

  1. In spite of the improvisation of the MCA website, the following basic process/ features will remain unchanged-
    1. Login process of MCA website,
    2. The registration process for the new users,
    3. E-filing process, and
    4. Payment process,
  2. All the other modules (other than e-book and e-consultation) will be gradually migrated to MCA version 3 (from MCA version 2) in October 2021.