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ATITHI – Customs Department App in India

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has launched a new mobile app named “ATITHI” for improved customs clearance. It will also facilitate arriving international passengers with e-filing of baggage and currency declarations. It is expected to increase the transparency of customs functioning and reduce interface. Let us look in detail about the ATITHI application in this article.

To download the ATITHI@Indian Customs, visit the Google play store.


ATITHI app aims to facilitate a hassle-free and faster clearance by Customs at the airports and enhance the experience of international tourists and other visitors at the airports. This app creates a platform for all visitors travelling to India globally to file their baggage, Item and Currency declarations and other citizen-centric services. 

Benefits of ATITHI App

Some of the key features of ATITHI Mobile App include:

  • ATITHI app is effortless to use mobile application for international travellers to file Customs declaration in advance. With ATITHI, the CBIC has introduced an easy to use mobile app for the passengers can use this app to file a notice of dutiable items as well as currency with the Indian Customs before boarding the flight to India. In particular, the ATITHI leads to create a tech-savvy image of India Customs and that would encourage the business travel as well as tourism to India. 
  • ATITHI app ensures access from any time at anywhere and also makes it easier for the passengers to access the custom duty information. In addition to that, it also supports the faster customs processes and provides multiple application support that fits the requirements of the users.
  • ATITHI app can be used by all the travellers including Indian residents as well as foreign nationals those who are arriving in India by air across the globe.

ATITHI App Installation and Registration

The app must first be downloaded into the phone through the Play Store or App Store. Upon downloading, the app will prompt for registration, which can be done using ‘English’, ‘Hindi’ or the local language. ATITHI@Indian Customs is made available on Android and iOS platforms. The new user applicants will have to follow the ‘New Login Registration’ procedure in with the following details such as User Name, passport number, nationality, e-Mail Address, Security question, etc. Upon completion, the username and password will be intimated via SMS of the applicant’s registered mobile number. In the login page, type the user name and password received through email/SMS and click “Login”. Now, the users can access the features of ATITHI app.