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Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate


Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate

Domicile certificate, issued by the local Government is a proof for the permanent residence of an individual in a particular State or Union Territory to claim the rights guaranteed by the Government. It is also called as Permanent Resident Certificate. On the other, temporary residence certificate simply confirms an address in the certified place where the individual resides for a stipulated period. In this article, we look into the procedure for obtaining Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate in detail.

Permanent residence certificate is issued to the citizen of the region. In contrast, the temporary residence certificate is granted for anyone belonging to another state who resides in a place over a period. An individual should have only one domicile while the same may possess more than one residence certificate.

Purpose of the Temporary Residence Certificate:

Temporary Residence Certificate is an important legal document for anyone who resides in any State or Union Territories temporarily. The certificate serves as a proof of residence and thus must be submitted wherever a residence proof is required. In Arunachal Pradesh, temporary residence certificate is obtained mainly for 3 purposes.

  1. General:

General temporary residence certificate is applied for school admission, higher education, scholarship in a state other than the native state. Besides the educational purposes, it is also required when any person was residing in another state for any medical reasons such as undertaking any treatment for a specific period.

  1. Government:

Any individual employed in any of the Government services of a State but belonging to another state requires the temporary residence certificate.

  1. Business:

Any person conducting a business or trade in any state other than his/her own should possess a temporary residence certificate.

Eligibility Criteria

Any individual applying for the Arunachal Pradesh temporary resident certificate should comply with the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Any person applying for Arunachal Pradesh temporary residence certificate should have resided in a village/town of Arunachal Pradesh for at least 6 months (180 days) before the application
  2. Any individual who does not belong to Arunachal Pradesh but residing in the state working as a government employee is also eligible to request for this certificate.
  3. The applicant should produce a copy of the declaration of the guardian/business owner or relevant government official.

Note: A person can possess more than one residence certificate, acquiring of which will not be considered as an offence.

Documents Required Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate:

The documents necessary for Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate are mentioned below.

  • Form A for Temporary Residence Certificate Government
  • Form O for Temporary Residence Certificate General
  • Form B for Temporary Residence Certificate Business
  • Copies of 2 recent passport size colour photographs
    • One attested on front
    • One without attestation

Category 1: Non-APST (Government)

  • Appointment Order/Transfer Order/Government Identity Card
  • Attested copy of Birth Certificate
  • Attested copy of Education Certificate
  • Attested copy of Election ID card (Father’s election card in case of a minor)
  • Attested copy of Inner Line Permit (ILP)
  • ST Certificate

Category 2: Non-APST (Business)

Category 3: Non-APST (General)

  • Identity Card /LPC/Land Allotment Passbook/Trading License of Guardian
  • ST Certificate

Category 4: APST (Government)

  • Appointment Order/Transfer Order/Government Identity Card
  • Inner Line Permit

Category 5: APST (Business)

Category 6: APST (General)

  • Identity Card /Trading License of Guardian
  • Inner Line Permit

Competent Authority

The Deputy Commissioner or the Additional Deputy Commissioner is the competent authority for the Issuance of the Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate on the recommendation of the Local Administrative Officer.

Service Charge

The Issuance of temporary residence certificate in Arunachal Pradesh incorporates a fee of Rs. 25.

Processing Time

The time taken for the processing of the application is 5 days from the date of successful submission of the form excluding the government holidays.

Delay in the processing of the application may occur, or even the authorities may reject the application if the applicant fails to select the correct District in the “Please select the district where you want your form to be processed” field. Since the respective authority of the applicant’s District will render the service, it is necessary to choose the District correctly.


The Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of Issuance, which has to be renewed before the term of validity.

Application Procedure for Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate

The applicant desiring to acquire the Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate can apply in either offline or online mode.

Offline Application process:

Step 1: To apply offline, the applicant should visit the Deputy Commissioner’s office or the Additional Deputy Commissioner’s office in person.

Step 2: The applicant should collect the affidavit and the certificate application forms that are made available at the office or can also download from the copy given below.

Form A 

Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate Government

Form O

Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate General

Form B

Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate Business

Step 3: After duly filling the form, the applicant should submit the application in standard format at the Common Service Centers (CSC)/ JanSuvidha counter of the DC office (wherever applicable) along with the required supporting documents.

Issuing Process:

After that, the application will be passed to the Dealing assistant (DA)/Clerk of concerned line department.

If the application is found correct in all aspects, then the Dealing assistant examines the application, including the uploaded enclosures.

If the application is invalid or not correct, then the Dealing assistant (DA) can reject the application.

If the application needs minor correction, then Dealing assistant (DA) can return the application to the applicant/citizen service executive for correction and re-submission.

The first appellate officer verifies and forwards to the second appellate officer for approval.

The second appellate officer approves and forwards to the first appellate officer for the issue of the certificate.

The first appellate officer digitally signs and issue the certificate.

Step 4: The applicant should visit the submitting office and collect the temporary residence certificate.

The applicant will be notified about the status of the application through SMS.

Online Application Process:

To apply online, the applicant should register himself/herself in the proposed Service Plus application. The person can apply through the online portal in the following modes.

  1. Common Service Centers
  2. Self-online mode
  3. In Kiosks

 Step 1: The applicant can visit the official website of Arunachal Pradesh that offer various online services.

Step 2: Click log in on the home page of the website, which displays the login section.


In case of a new user, click ‘Register yourself’ and provide the required details such as an address, mobile number, email ID etc. An activation link will be sent to the registered email ID. Click on the link to proceed with the application.

If an already registered user, then enter the login id and password to enter the portal that contains the application form.


Step 3: The application form for Arunachal Pradesh Temporary Residence Certificate appears.

Select the office where the application has to be processed.

Select the category of Temporary Residence Certificate depending on the required purpose.


Step 4: Enter the essential details that include the following.

  • Applicant details – name, father’s name, email, mobile number
  • Address Details of the applying person – Permanent address, present address
  • Certificate related details – Number of years residing in the state, the purpose of obtaining the certificate, details of the guardian (if applicable)

Step 5: Upload the photograph and the scanned copies of the documents in the prescribed format.

Step 6: For final submission of the application, requires payment of fees either through Debit Card or Net Banking.

Step 7: Further, the system generates an acknowledgement receipt with the unique reference number for the application after the successful submission of the application in Service plus. The applicant should retain a print out of the form for future use.

Step 6: The Service Plus application will notify the applicant about the successful submission and application reference number by sending an automatic SMS.

 Issuance of Certificate

On successful processing, the issuing officer releases the digitally signed certificate on the Service Plus Portal.

Verification of Certificate

The applicant can verify the certificate online by clicking on the ‘Verify Certificate’ link on the home page. By entering the application number and token number, the status of the application appears.


On Verifying, the certificate can be downloaded by clicking ‘Get Certificate’.

Track Application Status

The applicant can track the application status by clicking the link ‘Tracking’ on the home page.