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2022 Extension of FCRA Registration Certificate Validity

2022 Extension of FCRA Registration Certificate Validity

2022 Extension of FCRA Registration Certificate Validity

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has vide Public Notice No.II/21022/23 (22)/2020-FCRA-III dated 22.06.2022 announced the Extension of FCRA Registration Certificate Validity, for NGOs whose renewal applications are pending or whose validity is going to expire soon.

FCRA registration is mandatory for associations and NGOs to receive foreign funds. MHA says the deadline for NGOs certificates or registration expiring between 30.06.2022, to 1.07.2022, could apply for renewal till 30th September 2022. . The current article briefs the extension so provided.

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FCRA Registration Certificate

NGOs, Societies, Section 8 Company that receives foreign contribution or donation from foreign sources is required to obtain an FCRA registration certificate under Section 6(1) of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010.

Registered NGOs can receive foreign contributions for five purposes — social, educational, religious, economic, and cultural. The FCRA registration is renewed every five years.

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2022 Extension of FCRA Registration Certificate Validity

The validity of registration certificates of such entities whose validity was extended till June 30, 2022, and whose renewal application is pending will stand extended till September 30 or till the date of disposal of the renewal application, whichever is earlier, the notification said.

The validity of those FCRA entities whose five years validity period is expiring from July 1, 2022, to September 30 and which have applied or apply for renewal before the expiry of five years validity period will stand extended up to September 30, 2022, or till the date of disposal of the renewal application, whichever is earlier.

Applicability of Extension

The validity of FCRA registration is extended to September 30, 2022, in the following cases-

  • FCRA registration certificates of such entities are expiring between the period 29th September 2020 and 30th September 2022;
  • Such entities have applied/apply for renewal on the FCRA portal before the expiry of the certificate of registration in accordance with rule 12 of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Rules, 2011; and
  • The renewal of the registration application of such entities has not been refused by the government

This extension will apply to those organizations whose registration certificate is already renewed by the government

MHA Clarification on Renewal of FCRA Registration

MHA announced that in case of refusal of the application for renewal of a certificate of registration, the validity of the certificate shall be deemed to have expired on the date of the refusal of the application or renewal and the association shall not be eligible either to receive the foreign contribution or utilize the foreign contribution received.

Validity of FCRA Registration

As per Section 16 of FCRA, 2010 every person who has been granted a certificate of registration under Section 12 thereof shall have such certificate renewed within six months of the expiry of the period of the certificate.

Associations that desire to renew their registration certificate shall apply online only in Form FC-3C within 6 months of the expiry of their existing registration certificate. After successful payment of fees only, the application is deemed to have been completed.

If the association does not apply for renewal of registration, the existing registration under FCRA, 2010, will cease from the date of completion of the period of five years from the date of grant of registration and will not be eligible for receipt & utilization of foreign contribution. In such a case, the association has to apply afresh for a grant of registration

Once the FCRA registration stands canceled, the entity shall not be eligible to receive foreign contributions or utilize the foreign contribution.

Fee for FCRA Certificate Renewal

For FCRA registration certificate renewal, the association is required to pay a fee of Rs.5000

Documents Required

The following documents are to be uploaded for renewal of registration.

  • Registration certificate of the association
  • Memorandum of Association/ Trust Deed
  • FCRA Registration Certificate of association issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs

Note: Darpan id, the signature of the Chief Functionary, and the seal of the association are also mandatory for the renewal.

Application Procedure for Renewal of FCRA Registration

The application procedure to apply for the renewal of FCRA registration is listed as follows:

  • Access the official website of the Ministry of home affairs, from the Homepage click on FCRA online forms link. The link will redirect to a new page, Click on FC-3 Application for Renewal of FCRA Registration.
  • From the new page, click on the ‘Click to apply online’ button to proceed further. The user needs to provide the user id and password to log in to the portal.
  • After login, a new page will be displayed. Select FCRA Renewal and click on the Click here to Apply Online button.
  • After reading all Instructions Click on Continue Fresh/Partial Completed Application to proceed further.
  • The application form for FCRA renewal will be displayed. Provide the following details in the Association Details form:
    • Association Name and Address
    • Details of registration
    • Main aim and objective of the association
  • The executive committee form will be displayed to provide all the information and a pop-up window will be displayed to add related foreign details.
  • On the next page furnish the EC detail and others and click on the Save button to proceed further with the application
  • After Clicking on the Utilization Accounts menu tab, the following screen will be displayed.
  • Once the details are furnished in the application form, upload all the documents. After the final submission of the application form, online payment will be enabled. Click on the payment button to make a payment after selecting of payment gateway.
  • On successful verification of documents and application, the FCRA Registration Certificate will be renewed.