Trade License Registration In Purulia

What are the important aspects to keep in mind about the Trade License Registration in Purulia?

Gumasta License

Trade License Registration in Purulia is also referred to as Gumasta License in Maharashtra Trade license is known by different names in the other parts of the country.


For obtaining a trade License Registration an application must be made to the concerned state government or corporation or the municipality. The procedure would differ in different states.


Some states issue trade licenses are issued to the person only after the verification from the concerned authorities.

Processing time

The whole process of obtaining trade license registration in Purulia takes around 10-15 days. The certificate can be downloaded online after approval.


The trade licenses generally have a validity of one year and can be renewed after a year.

Why is a Trade License registration in Purulia necessary?

The Trade License helps in ensuring that no one affected by any trade or business

Trade License has been made necessary by the government so that in any particular business or trade no one is carrying out any unethical business practices.

The license ensures that every business carrying trade is following the rules, guidelines and also obeying the safety measures. This license is mandatory so that the government can regulate the various trade activities.

Who is eligible to get Trade License Registration in Purulia?

Trade License registration in Purulia can be obtained by the following persons:

  • To apply for a trade license the applicant needs to be more than 18 years old
  • The business or trader he is carrying out should be legally permissible
  • The applicant should not have any criminal records.

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Trade License Registration In Purulia FAQ's

To obtain trade license registration in Purulia the lease documents, ID proof, registration certificate from the concerned authorities are required.

Yes, carrying out trade without a trade license is an offense. The authorities can lock and seal the trade business.

The trade license registration in Purulia is valid for one year, it can be renewed at the end of each year.

The trade license application should be made within 30 days after commencing with the business.

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